Friday, January 28, 2011


That poor 30's quilt that has been in the making for 3 years is now "totally" finished---
I can not tell you how happy I am with this finish!!!!
when I was going to our local quilt shop --Quilt club meetings--
our leader showed us how to make this block--I came home and away I went-- 
and I ended up with a whole quilt top to show the next month!!!
the quilt is about 56 x 56 inches now--
it was larger--it originally had another outer border of 6 inches on each side--
Here it is--
I used to run an "ionizer" in the apartment to clean the air--
but it also liked to bleach out the "cheaper" cuts of fabric--
that is why now I only buy the 'good quilt shop fabric"!!!
this border was a bright yellow--
Probably the same yellow that I ended up using as the binding--
but I felt is was safe now to use as I only run regular air cleaning machines--
so here is one corner--each row of the flying geese borders took 5 hours to hand quilt--so I have alot of hand quilting hours in this "baby"-
---but miss gracie just loves this quilt---sooooo!!!!
Oh and Sofie seems to like it tooo!!!

and here is where the little hexagon quilt has found a home for now--
see it on the ladder back of the chair!!!

So I now only have one more project to finish for this month and three days to do it--
hummmm--only time will tell!!!

And next month I am planning on doing something alittle different--at least part of the time--and there is a celebration to look forward to in Feb--so hang on to your "pants" we are in for a wild ride in February!!

Take care and have a great week end--


  1. It's beautiful, Di! Very nicely done. Have you made a quilt just for Gracie yet?

  2. It is gorgeous Di!!! Congratulations for getting it done. I love it!!!

  3. You're definitely on a roll! What a great 30's quilt, and a fabulous finish! You did a great job on the handquilting, you ought be to proud, lovely work!!!

  4. Love the 30's quilt! great work! you should be very proud of your efforts with that one! Nice that Miss Gracie likes it as well! Good taste!

  5. I really like 30s fabrics. The colors are so fun, and the tiny prints are adorable. Very very nice quilt, Di! Amazing that an air ionizer could do that to fabric. The hexie quilt looks gorgeous on display too!

  6. Beautiful Di! The colors and fabrics are so perky.

    Your hexie is wonderful too!

    :) Carolyn

  7. Di! What a gorgeous finish! I love it!!

  8. Your 30s quilt turned out beautiful! Now Miss Gracie will have to snuggle up on the next quilt you work on.

  9. It's gorgeous Di! Just gorgeous!
    xx, shell

  10. Ooh..I think you need to send that to me! Just Kidding!!! It just so pretty! There's just something about 30 quilts that's so sweet. It looks like it was a lot of fun to make.

  11. I love your 30's quilt! Where did you get the pattern? I'd love to try to make one like that, it is so cool!


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