Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Look what dolly "Sofie" got today????

When I got Sofie she did not have any--
any--you know--(under-things) on!!!!
When my friend Anne came this morning she came with two pairs--
and Sofie and I decided on this pair!!!!
See the cute little rows of tucks along the bottoms of them--
just sooo cute!!!

Anne and I did both get some handquilting done today--
she is working on a snowman panel I gave her as a gift--
and I worked on the flying geese on the borders of the 30's quilt!!

this afternoon I worked on the Hexagon flower quilt top---
last night I got mad and went outside and got 'ahold' of these guys--
and I told them it was time they "earned" their keep and to start "frogging"!!!
and being very "obedient" little green fellows--they went right to work--
and took off all those funny looking hexagons!!!!!!!

So today I had to study it and played around with it and came up with a new plan--
so we will not work on Plan B for the Hexagons!!!!

Miss Gracie is doing well as of now--figure it may be another week or two before we really know if this last round of meds did it for her!!!
I have to say that out of all the cats and kittens I have had--
so far none has been as loving as she is!!!
she is finally learning that she can sleep on my legs while I sew--
she can sleep in the bed with me at my legs when it is really cold outside--
I can cover her with a blanket now and not frighten her to death--
she will even sit still now and let me cut her nails and now I can brush her--
though I don't like this brush I got--will have to see what else is available!!
And she just loves to "snuggle"!!!!
she will even sit here on my lap and watch me read posts--
but I can not type comments--as I have to have one arm to hold her!!!
so--even if you don't see a comment from me--
have no fear--I have read all about you!!!!!!!

Hope all your stitching projects are coming along smoothly!!


  1. I'm glad that Sophie is now suitable dressed. It must have been drafty before. You are so lucky to have someone to sew with. I comb my cats with a flea comb, (no, they don't have fleas), and they just love it! You might want to give it a try.

  2. It's all go at your place - the new-you know whats - are very sweet and just what Sofie was wanting, I'm sure.

  3. Gracie has turned into such a cuddle kitty :)

  4. Love the doll! So sweet. And the kitty is so sweet. I hope she continues to get better and better.

  5. Cute bloomers for that pretty doll - and I love your hexagons!! So glad that Gracie is making herself at home - and that she's so loving!!!

  6. No more cold bottom for Sophie! Woo hoo!
    Miss Gracie can come and sit on my lap anytime. I'm still freezing!
    Glad she has fallen in love with you Di. I knew she would!
    xx, shell


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