Thursday, January 6, 2011


Looky here--
where there was one--
there is now 3 ---finished!!!
told you these where addicting!!!

And another Finish--
got this redwork sampler done and sewed together--
Here's what I put on the back of it!!

Also did some more decorating--cleaning!!!
got the curtain topper done for the dinning room--
(truth here--Di--truth is this, I had already made the valance last year and just needed to take some time and press it and hang it!!!)
But--I did have to make the table covering to go with it--then because this table is so small -- regular table place mats are just too large--so I just folded the two new blues on half and they fit soo much better!!!

and here is one of Miss Gracies new tricks--
if she thinks I am headed to my sewing chair --
she will run and jump in it first!!!
 (Oh and when she sees the camera now--
she always closes her eyes--smarty pants!!!)

There is alot going on in blog land this week--
new bom's starting--
lots of UFO challenges-
even one month Christmas challenge--
Kelly has --find your word for this year challenge--
so one is not bored right now!!!
so which "programs" are you planning to do????

Have a good day tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and that silly cat--miss gracie


  1. love your flowers, Di! And you're right, they're very addicting. I've signed up for an "Ornament a Month", the Block Adventure Swap, the Inchy Swap, Sew It's Finished, and a Tilda Heart Swap. Oh, and a couple of BOM's. Think that's enough?

  2. I spotted your flowers on Sunny's sidebar and just had to have a look. They are beautiful! You should add your link to the One Flower Wednesday Sign In Sheet (posted weekly) so other members can enjoy your flowers. The Sign In Sheet is on my blog, at the top.

  3. Oh Di you always get so much done! Even if it is the year before LOL!! The valance and skirt look so nice! I'll be doing Kelly's stuff, such as the Word Up, and Patchwork Times' UFO Challenge. I'm trying not to do too much this year.

  4. Oh I love your flowers and all of your projects. You are really on the ball. I love the valance! I have joined the Christmas through the year over at Allies! It is on my sidebar!

  5. So far I only added one new swap for 2011. I still have the 3X6 Bee and like Sunny I joined Block Adventure. I'm thinking 2011 feels like the year to make a hand embroidered quilt. Just have to settle on the design.

    I'm also going to be making framed hexies and make a quilt of undetermined size.

    I think this year will mostly be a make a bunch of quilts from stash kind of year.

  6. Beautiful window topper. My kitties will do the same thing as Miss Gracie. They love to be in the chairs they think I'm going to sit in. They also love to race me to them. LOL She's a cutie for sure.


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