Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It has finally happened to me------
I have no idea what to say tonight--


But I am here!!!!
Does that count????

And I did work most of the day--
on two of three stitching projects that I have been working on--
But that is getting "boring"!!!!
So now what????


Well--Let's try this--

Expert Diagnosis---
A customer complained to the auto mechanic that she heard a clanking sound when she dorve around corners.
"I'll have to take it out for a test drive," said the mechanic.
Sure enough, when he made a right turn, he heard a clunk.  When he made a left turn, he heard it again.  Back at the shop, he looked the car over and gave the owner his assessment:
 "I suggest you remove the bowling ball from the trunk."

If you don't hear from me tomorrow or in the next couple days--
at least through Monday they are saying--
this is what it will be like here--
Cars may not start and who knows about Internet service or electric???
Saturday and Sunday they say it will be -20 wind chill below 0--that is!!!
All I  can say is---Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

And miss gracie and I will pack up the apartment and come and visit you!!!!!


  1. OH Dear, that is cold. I hope you do not lose the electricity. Get out all those quilts to wrap up in.

  2. Don`t worry,bound to be better one day soon,LOL. In the meantime: Happy Quilting:-)
    Love your recently new page!

  3. I hope your power stays on Di! At least you and Miss Gracie will have plenty of quilts to snuggle under. Stay warm my friend!
    xx, shell

  4. Sounds like you had best not go out shopping this weekend - no matter how much of an urge you feel coming on! Hopefully you'll get lots of stitching done.

  5. Oh Di you poor thing, that is COLD!
    Pack up & come out to sunny California for a visit. I will make you a cup of tea, & we will hang out were you will be warm.

  6. I hope it doesn't get that bad for you, you wouldn't like it here either, we have had floods and fires!, at least you and Miss Gracie will be snug together!!! (Australia)

  7. Dearest Di and Miss Gracie, You can come visit us anytime! But I must warn you it is cold here too!

    Although we have warm quilts and a fireplace to keep us all warm.

    Love your first picture on your post such a cute look!!!

    Hug's and stay warm.

    Hitty says hi to both of you too!


  8. Yikes! Way too cold for me. At least you have miss gracie to be a warm furry heater for you. (If you let her under the covers.) Well, enjoy the "stay indoors" weather. After all, what else can you do?

  9. I always wondered if you ever ran out of things to say lol.

    Brrrr...You and Miss Gracie need to cuddle up under a couple quilts and hide out in the apartment this weekend. I hope you have all the essentials. Like chocolate, fabric, thread, and kitty food.


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