Monday, January 24, 2011

OK--NOW WHAT ???????

Yes--I have been steadily working on projects--
does eating Chocolate count here????
But no total finishes yet???
If I stuck to just one at a time --but---
I can only hand quilt just so long and then I need to do something different--
that is why I have 4  projects in the works that I "hope" to finish by the 31st!!!

and I don't feel I can show picture after picture of Ufo's--
so what to talk about???

Let's talk about "Vacations" for this summer--
Hey I like that Idea!!!!
I am planning on doing some traveling this summer--June through November--
so I need some help--

A. do you have any special events in your town or state during this time that is fun to go to and see???

B. do you know of any quilting shop hops or special events in your area (or someplace else) during this time???   or even a quilting retreat!!!????

C. do you have any animal rescue place near you--or know of one???

D. What else might one enjoy seeing or doing that you have always wanted to go to or see????

Well this is a start for you to work on!!!!
I really do need some help here--there is several states I would love to see--
am not too interested in the big city doings--like country and the back roads--though if you live near a big city and want to meet me that is ok!!!?????

so either leave me a comment here--or go to my profile page and send me an email--
thank you so much!!

Well back to the stitching---


  1. I work during the week, so you'll have to plan to come here on a weekend. We can do our own personal shop hop - lots of quilt shops nearby. Want to go kayaking? Visit DC? Civil War battlefields? I think our Retreat is mid-November. I'll come up with some more ideas......

  2. Florida is beautiful but very hot during the summer. Since we are a tourist state most people go to the beach, Disney, or another amusement park. I've always wanted to go to one of the rodeos they have north of us. Our quilt shops are few and far between.

  3. Hi Di, I live in California...and it's NOT just one big city :) what I love about my area is that it is very rural. And those Summer into Fall months we have lots of little county fairs! Those are so much fun to see. Lots of down home country things. A many of the fairs have old machinery and whatnot on display. I live in the 1/3 top half of Ca. A few hours north of Sacramento. Have fun wherever you go!

  4. I'm with you on the country-side and back roads, where ever you choose I hope you will have a great time!

  5. How fun you get to travel! One of my favorite places to visit is North Carolina - just beautiful. But, it's always fun to travel wherever you go. Can't wait to see your projects all finished up!

  6. If you come to CA. come see me... I live just outside of the entrance to Yosemite & there is a cute little quilt shop here too!

  7. You can always come to little ol Bunnyville. Not much to do around here but sew and pet the fuzzy ones. But that's what I like to do the most :)
    xx, shell


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