Thursday, January 27, 2011


Project is complete---
take a looky at this one--
It is a small 'dolly' sized hexagon quilt--
designed as I went --by me!!!!
It is all hand done--
and hand quilted--
I really enjoyed working on this little quilt--
and I am happy that I finally got to do make some hexagon flowers--
and so now the story has to continue---
here is the second flower from yesterday all stitched together--
but I am still not sure I like the larger print!!!!
what can I say-- I like small prints--
I must be a "leftover 30's gal"!!!!

Mail Call--
I got in a terrible "fabric buying" mood the other night--
I just had to order some--or--
I would of eaten all the chocolate in the house--
and Cotton Charms ended up  having just what I was looking for--
she (Kelly) was the winner of taking my money from me!!!!
But----look----at what I got in exchange---
First --more of the Bliss line--these are 1/2 yard cuts--
the solid one on top is a Bella Solid called "tea rose" and it goes perfect with the Bliss colors!!!
the two tiny checks are from the Astor Manor line--but they go perfect with these two Martinique line by Three sisters---I have 2 charm packs and maybe another piece or two of the Martinique line--soooo!!!
And these two are from the Wiscasset line--I just liked them or it might of been the price of these I likes!!!!  But I know they will go with some of my other fabrics one of these days---and who knows--Di just might find some Wiscasset charm packs or jelly rolls on sale to go with these orphans!!!!

And today I was busy sewing allllll day---
but can't show the quilt just yet--maybe tomorrow --
am done to sewing the binding to the back of the quilt!!!!

We have Not gotten any of the big snow here where I live--we are inland --the storms lately are coming right up the coast--so places like New York City and Long Island, and New Jersey are getting it all---we used to get it--but for about 3 years now they get it all--think the earth has shifted a bit---sooooo!!!!

PS--ok Mom it's my turn--
my Mom did some 'beauty' work on me last night--
she trimmed all my nails and I was very good and let her--
then she combed my fur alot--and oh how that felt good--
and see my "tummy" hair is finally finally growing back in!!!!
Keep warm now you alllllll!!!!!


  1. i love your little quilt! I need to decide what to do with my hexies. Stay warm! I'd be happy to send you some snow.

  2. Your little quilt is adorable! And, I love all your new fabrics, especially the two from the Wiscasset line.But, then I am a blue person! So glad the storms are missing you. Miss Gracie looks content and happy. Have fun with all your new fabrics. Nola

  3. I am so amazed at the speed with which you accomplish your projects! They are always amazing. You're so talented!

    Happy Friday,

  4. Di, I love both the hexie flowers - I was deciding which I like best and was leaning more towards the bigger print. Love the bliss - I need a fabric fix too! And Kelly's shop is a great place to buy!!!

  5. I just love your doll size hexie quilt. You have done a beautiful job on it, it is very inspiring because I always think in terms of bedsize and that is too daunting but doll size - now that is an idea!!! - very doable!

  6. You lucky girl! Lots of great shopping finds! I love the finish, very colorful!

  7. Hi Di! I love your hexie quilt, it's so sweet and cheerful. Very nice! I like both of the Bliss "flowers" too! And what gorgeous fabrics...I can't get enough Bliss either. All of them look so nice together. Miss Gracie is adorable...I was wondering, can you trim my kitties' nails? Pretty please? I usually leave dangerous tasks like that to the professionals! :-) xo Jen

  8. P.S. Ha ha! Look at the picture that showed up on your sidebar for my blog! How's that for exciting? LOL

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I like the way you made the quilt itself in a hexagon shape.

  10. Oh the hexagon quilt is so cute. I love it. I haven't tried any of these yet. Maybe soon. Your fabric purchases are wonderful. Love all of them. Hugs Ariane

  11. Oh I have got to get my little hexies out and make something. You have inspired me so much with these. Beautiful finish girlfriend.
    xx, shell


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