Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi--I am Miss Gracie--
and I have a story to tell you tonight!!
My mom decided that as it was so cold and snowy--
that she needed to do something to remember this winter--
so she took this--
ball of warm -- off white yarn and these tiny short wood needles--
and guess what she made with them???
Two cute snow ladies--
Hey gals--that is the wrong direction--
you can't trust a snowpersons directions--remember???
that's better girls--
but can you come alittle closer????
OK--now this is better!!!
see how cute these came out--
and you know my Mom--she has to change things alittle from the patterns--
here she made a shawl type bonnet instead of just the bonnet--
and she added cute buttons to each one instead of black yarn knots--
and the noses -- she said there was NO way she was gonna attempt the pattern ones--besides she really did not care for them--
then she remembered she had some painted wood ones left over from another project couple years ago--
She had taken little wood Christmas bulb shapes and painted them orange and used them for noses and after looking for them awhile (she is very organized now--only she can't remember "where" she organized everything tooooo!!!)
but she did find them and she said they where worth the "hunt"!!!
(me -- if I am going to go hunting--I would much rather hunt for something "alive"--like a mouse!!!!)
and here is the original  picture--
 Next year or when ever she may make some of the smaller ones--
she said these are fairly easy to make--unless--
unless -- you have a "fur" ball who likes to eat the yarn as she knits--
now I have no idea whom she is talking about here!!?????

And she said to tell you to be sure to read yesterday's post--
she is still waiting on some more places to visit--
so far she is going to Florida--California, and Maryland!!!!

Ok I 'bestest' go for now--

I have to get to her chair before she does---
it's a game we like to play!!!!!


  1. What cute little snowladies! Where did you get the pattern? I'd love to make some.

  2. Adorable snow ladies! Great idea for the noses.

  3. They are precious Di! You are amazing with all the things you know how to do!
    xx, shell

  4. Wow! They are so cute!! I love them. So glad you were able to make them without Gracie messing up your yarn.


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