Saturday, January 15, 2011


was trying to decide "how" to finish this--
I have not really done a Hexagon quilt--did a couple that I appliqued to other fabric for pillow tops--but want this one to be just hexagons!!

so was on the computer this afternoon--
and I learned some interesting things--
First I had thought that I was way off base with the fabric line--
as you can see I have used all civil war prints--then I remembered that the Grandmothers flower garden quilt did not come out until 1930's--but that was ok--I had a little plan--but in doing some research on how to finish the edges I discovered that the actual Grandmother's flower hexagons came about in 1835--soo there you have it!!!!   so some could of been made during the civil war era!!!

I told you all about this quilt yesterday--
what I did not tell you was the price I paid for it--
Cause--I had wondered if I had really paid too much for it????
But today I discovered one on the internet--that was in repair shape--
and guess what they wanted for it???
they wanted $695.00 for it--
Mine--I got for $225.00----so I got me a bargain all the way around!!!
(course I still can not believe I spent that much on an old quilt--
but like I said===it is exquisitely made--sooooo!!!

I did not do laundry today--
BAD girl--
but I have a good reason--
last evening one of the ladies downstairs near the laundry room set off our smoke alarm--she burnt something in the microwave==big time--her apartment was full of smoke as was the hall way!!
So when I went down to do it--
I realized that I could still smell the smoke rather heavily--
and I do not want to breathe that or have it in my clothes--
I will just have to turn my clothes inside out this week to wear them!!!!

I did do some more hand quilting on the 30's quilt and I did work on the  hexagon quilt--have a little more idea of what to do with it--but??????

Keep warm and dry where ever you are---
that what all these quilts are made for -- you know!!!


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with your hexies--no matter what time period they are from. They are going to be gorgeous.
    Sounds like you got a deal.
    That always makes it more enjoyable.

  2. Di, you got a GREAT deal on that beautiful quilt!! Wow I love it, those 30s fabrics are so gorgeous. And I can't wait to see what you do with your's going to be beautiful as well! Sorry (?) that you couldn't do laundry...I wasn't so lucky! LOL

  3. Laundry can wait another day or two. It's better than not feeling well.

    Your hexies are coming along great. There seems to be so many different ways to finish off a hexie quilt. Also, so many different styles of hexies too.

  4. Laundry will always be there for tomorrow! :-) I think you got a REALLY good deal on that quilt. Its gorgeous. Yours will be amazing in the cw reproductions!!

  5. Oh I am wanting to do a hexagon quilt day.

  6. Darling post Di! Dirty clothes--- my goodness, If you wear your clothes wrong side out you might start a new fad!!!!

    More fun to sew, shop and play instead of cleaning and washing clothes!!! :) Love your new flower quilt and yes you did find a treasure.

    Your hexies are looking wonderful. I will look forward as to what you will be doing with them.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  7. What a lovely quilt, bargain price as well.


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