Monday, February 28, 2011


Or nearly over any ways--
you know how you plan your day--
and then---
and then--
life decides to "add" a little "kink" into it--
I think it is just to see if one is on ones "toes"!!!!
and how many times one needs to count to 10--
before she "blows"!!!!!

and you will never guess who my "kink" into days plans was?????
Miss Gracie--now what would she do to cause me to go a little grayer???
I discovered that her "tummy" is giving her a bad time--
the evidence is in the kitty box----too many "mounds"-- I did get to Wal mart this morning--
that was 'before' I really realized there was a problem--
and I had been out of Chocolate for a whole day--BAD!!!
when I got back I finally realized Miss Gracie is under the weather so to speak--so had to spend some time on the phone--I was finally able to talk to a Vet-
and she said that it could be --because little Miss Gracie has discovered the bathtub and drinking water from there and that maybe she was getting some "soap residue" from it that could be upsetting her!!!
So she is on just baby food meat for now--
and we will see if that helps---
she does seem some better!!!

I did have to go get my B-12 injection today--
I was 5 days late in getting one--and let me tell you--
I knew it!!!!
then I did walk on over to the Quilt shop--
had to pick up this months boms and I got this piece of fabric--
These boms are
and they do have some other ones that are neat--
this one is really different for me--
but I just love it--it is soooo country--
OH NO--there is more cats--
I do not need to think about cats or see any more cats---
but really isn't this the cutest????? there was 1 3/4 yds left at $4 a yard--
now how could I 'not' buy that!!!!

At mail call today--
I got a package--
this is from blog friend Sunny--
she did the two cute baby hats--
then also sent me the rest of the yarn to make more--
think I got enough yarn for awhile now!!!!
Thank You Sunny!!!!

OH--Miss Gracie did "unlock" my sewing items today!!!
and I got a whole 10 minutes of hand quilting in today--
and about a half hour in of embroidery--but not all at once!!!!
It was nice to have a couple of non-sewing days--
but I am glad to be back at the 'job' today!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh--forgot to tell you--
that on the way to the medical center today--
I heard the birds singing--
first time -- so spring is on it's way folks!!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


That Miss Gracie is mean!!!!!
she took all my threads--needles--pins--on and on--
all my fabrics and projects--
and she--
locked them all up --
and she announced that--
Mom was to take the week end off--
At first I thought "oh boy--I can sit around and do nothing!!!"

I was informed that If I wanted her to unlock them by Monday--
that "this" house had to be cleaned up--
laundry done--
valentines put away--
some new decorating done--
and some rest!!!

So-- as of tonight--Saturday--
I was a 'good' girl and I have not touched a 'needle'!!!
other than to knit on a baby hat while doing the laundry downstairs--
and I did get alot of the actual housework done---
and even finished reading a book!!!

Now tomorrow might be another story!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Yep ----three titles for today's post!!!!

First one---
Don't tell Chookyblue--
but I have had this work in progress--
Blocks in progress from the "A Gardener's Journal" by Anni Downs--
way before she did the "club"--I was gonna "join" it to get me moving again on finishing it---but??????
but yesterday I found the bag with the ones I have finished and ones that are traced waiting there turn--and I got busy on them once again--
above shows the newest work--2 more totally done and a 3rd one half done!!
So Chooky---I am working on it and I promise----
AHHHH--lets not do the "promise" thingy"--but I will try to keep working on these--
I love these and really would love to finish them!!!

Look what I found----
As I was "digging" around looking for the ones I had finished in the Gardner's Journal--
you will never guess what I found--
Looky here!!!!
Remember when I just "redid" these two--
cause I could not find last years--
Well--friends--here they are--??????

One of my thread orders came in today--
again this is all "Chooky's" fault!!!!
Over on the SAL site for the Tis the Season--
some inspiring stitchers are doing their blocks in variegated threads of red and green--
well-Di can't let that happen with out her--so she went looking and finally found some and ordered a couple different ones--
The one on the left is a No for this project--
the spool in the middle is for hand quilting some pink and green quilts I have--
but that thread on the right is just "right" I do believe!!!!

 It's my turn--
Now I know that everyone--even me believe it or not ==
is tired of seeing these kinds of pictures--
but--darn it---I just had to take some to show you what was happening at my house today!!!
this is through the window--

then I opened the window for these "shots"--

it is piled high here--but hard to see that from up here on the 2nd floor!!!

Sooooo---Spring can come now--
seen enough white stuff for now!!!!

and one sweet kitty--Miss Gracie

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I went looking for the 'honey buns' last night--
and I hardly found any out there--
are they not going to make this "size" any more????
good thing I got "stash" I will just have to see what else I can come up with????

I believe that "my" garden is growing???

Look '7' more blooms for the collection!!

I now have '18' flowers in my garden--
this is how I entertain myself--
while I am entertaining Miss Gracie in the evenings after blogging????

And would you believe that I found a '3rd' way to finish this off????
I did fill this row in--
then I added another row on the bottom!!!!
Oh how simple that was--
but am now having a problem with how to finish it---
did alot more work on it today--but then I did not like "yesterdays" ideas--
but--the ole light bulb came on --(ok-- I had some help from lil sister!!!)
and now feel better about how to finish it!!!

Did talk to the "other" sister today--
she has adopted a tiny Yorkie pup--
wait--I was suppose to adopt a pup--
not a cat--help!!!!

Alright now--be nice--
I know there is No help for me!!!!!

PS---be sure to check out my other site tonight--
I need some answers from you all--!!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was able to work at the sewing machine for half day!!!

This morning my friend Anne came and we both did some hand quilting--
she sewed on a binding on a baby quilt and I worked on hand quilting another row on the ABC quilt--

Then she drove me to Tops for some bread--
I love this one line of bread that comes in on Tuesdays-
( and so does Anne!!!)

I always get 3 loaves--the other kind is whole wheat--
You have to put these right in the refrigerator or freezer when you get home--
as they have NO preservatives in them--
Look here at the ingredients--

See only just what is needed to make fresh baked bread--
and no work or clean up!!!!

Then after Miss Gracie and I had lunch and she went for her nap--
I went to the sewing machine to work on a "work in progress"--
remember this "project" is to use up scraps from a honey bun roll I had--
wellll---this one I think has more work in it that the first project I did--
I thought "scrap" quilts where suppose to be 'quick n easy'--just to use them up!!!!
I also have a little problem here--
Now I can fill this row in--
but then I will have 8 rows at the top and only 7 at bottom--
so what's the "big" deal you say--just take off the two side pieces!!
I could==but it will be lots of work--as I will also have to 'restitch' the end of each row afterwards--as I sewed these rows going in the long direction!!!
See what happens when one is just doing something from the "top of the head" instead of using a pattern!!!

Here is another little look at what I am doing with this--
Yep--here is that center square that I have embroidered something on!!!
I have also decided pretty much how I am going to finish this one--
but I can't tell--
you will have to stay tuned in for that?????

Oh--and on a real "funny" note here--
Remember this from yesterday??

and the one of the reason's I had decided to do this one was to maybe use up a jelly roll I had--wrong--
It would need a honey bun--uses only 1 1/2 inch wide strips--
and I am not cutting down a jelly roll at 2 1/2--so--
you do know what this means don't you????
I get to go shopping next week and find me a honey bun!!!!!!!

PS and Miss Gracie and I have all our friends and the folks in NZ in our hearts and prayers--

Monday, February 21, 2011


I was on a "stitchin" mission today and did not even know it!!!!
First thing after breakfast--
I always hand quilt a little--or alot---
and you all know I am working hard on my ABC quilt--

I have been waiting for some cosmos thread to come in to do a blanket stitch around the last two rows of the alphabet--
so in the mean time I did have some rows done 
and so I have been doing the hand quilting on them--
I came to this one row of homespun blocks and decided they where "too" plain in the centers and I really wanted to do something "neat" in those centers--
so here goes-----
there is 5 blocks in this row--
so in the center one I did this heart--
Then in the other 4 I did--
a cat with a bow around her neck--
See--then I did some more hand quilting on the pointed fabric pieces going around the block!!!

Then after a quick bus trip just before lunch to Wal mart for chips, chocolate and bread!!!!!  and coming home and having lunch it was off to the sewing room--
when I came out--
this block was all done--
We had gotten March's black and white block already--so it is done!!!
Then I traced off two blocks to stitch for this years bom--
(what--you thought you heard "Di" say she wasn't really going to do any this year???)
Welllllll--luckily I am "woman" and woman can change her mind!!!!

The first one is from the Raspberry Rabbit--
This was January's block--I just kept picturing it with some beads--
so I finally had to give in and try it--
I like the way it came out--and ---
this will not be a quilt or wall hanging--
this will go on the front of a tote or something and will probably be a gift for a give away---sooooo!!!!

The second one I did was the first letter for the Home Sweet Home quilt--
I love sayings like that--and I did try to stay blind and deaf to the calling of this quilt--
I remembered I had this jelly roll and I decided I really had to make this quilt soooo-
I could use up this jelly roll--
Ok so far--but as I was stitching this first letter--
I remembered another set of charm packs I had and wondered if I would like them instead--
and while I was looking for this set of charm packs--
in the my charm pack drawer--
I found this set also--
Now what to do---what to do??????
Which set do you like?????

Hey this sounds like a plan to me--
see ya tomorrow!!!

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