Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yes-- I did just do the drawings--
First up was "third" prize--
there was only "one" name in this basket--
the winner here is "Sunny" of Quiltingdreams--

the second prize winner is for--
woof--woof--is Carol--(no blog)

and the first prize for this--
Hang on to your seat--
it is Nola--of Just Rambling---

Oh what are the prizes---
first prize is one of my hand quilted wall quilts--
second prize is a hand made pillow cover---
and third prize is -- is---hummmm--Sunny--still working on that one!!!!!!!

I was good today and I hand quilted all morning on the ABC quilt with my friend Anne--this afternoon I worked on an embroidery project--and I got a "design" drawn out to transfer to cloth for the center of a quilt I am working on--
but no pictures to show---that's the hard part--not having some pictures to show!!!!

Be sure to check out the other blog site of mine--
today I talk about color!!!!!!!

By the way--what are we suppose to do now????
It's a month to St Pattys day to decorate with green and it is 5 weeks from then till Easter for decorating---wow!!!
So what are the rest of you going to do????

        DI AND MISS GRACIE!!!!!


  1. Just received an email from you and I am so excited to be a winner of one of your hand quilted wall quilts.
    Can hardly wait to see the picture! Thank you so much! Nola

  2. Thank you for pulling my name for 2nd place! Looking forward to seeing my pillow cover!

    Hugs to you and Miss Gracie!

  3. OK, that is me--purple robe, purple slippers and a double dose of caffeine. Just need to dye my hair blue.

  4. Congratulations to the winners.
    Oh I wonder what Sunny will receive??

  5. Congratulations to the winners, what lovely prizes!!!

  6. OMG that is ALICE! hahahaha!!!
    Congrats to a the lucky winners!!!


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