Monday, February 7, 2011


I was alittle "better" today in the mood department--
did not feel the need to "kill" anyone or to tear down walls--

But still did do some redoing around here--
and all by myself--
see what a big girl I am!!!!
Needed to hang up different quilts--
Took down the last two Christmas ones--
and put up others--
This went on the wall here by the computer table--
it is the "round robin" one I did last year!!
this is the one on the wall behind my sewing chair--
this one is really my Mom's--she started all these Sunbonnet Sues back in 1970--and all the fabrics on the dresses are either from fabrics leftovers from dresses I made my DD--or my dresses or my Mom's dresses--she only got the blocks sorta done--
I did all the finishing and quilting in 2000.
and another quilt goes here on the wall between the dinning room and the kitchen--
again these are ones my Mom did--I used all the red/white/blue blocks left over for this quilt!
And talking about red and white--
I have been working on a 2 year old project that I have not shared yet--
Here is Miss Gracie checking it out--
Hummmmm--a red and white Yo-Yo quilt---

I guess it gets approved by the "boss"!!!!
Hey wait a minute there is 3 yo-yo's missing????
Oh I think the "dog" ate those!!!!

You are sooo silly Mom--we don't have a dog!!!
Oh that's right--!!!!
Probably Mom just didn't get them made yet!!!!

I also got all the snowmen in the tote and the cover on it--
the 2nd time around--so some will have to find a new home!!
got it and all the rest of Christmas up in the shelf in the closet--
that is a real good feeling--was getting "tired" of it all!!!

Got the Valentines out--
and guess what I discovered????
I could really do some more--
in real red and white and pink--
some of the things I have are a "funky" colors!!!!

*******and a lovely Miss Gracie*******


  1. That red and white yo you quilt is so cool Di! I have a friend that goes crazy over yo yo's She is the yo yo queen!
    xx, shell

  2. Love your quilts, Di. It is nice to change things around. Yesterday we got a bit more snow, but now the sun is shining again.

  3. Love Sue in red and blue.

    The little yo-yo quilt is sweet.

    I love Christmas and winter decorating but after awhile it is nice to pack it all away and bring out the Valentine and Spring items.

  4. I love Sun Bonnet Sue - she's always so cheery. The little yoyo quilt is so cute, and I'm sure you'll have it finished for us to see soon!

  5. Both quilts you have hung are lovely, I do like your 2 year old project do....

  6. Nice to have your quilts on show, especially as some of the sewing was done by your Mother! Love the yo-yo's, they never go out of fashion!!!

  7. I hate redecorations,but how else can one show all things made!??Lovely Sunbonnet Sue quilts. Must be great haveing quilts done by a Mom:-) Hopefully my DD will say that one day,but she is not into sewing:-(
    The yo-yo`s quilt will be great, especially after Miss Gracie`s inspection!!lol

  8. Glad you have calmed down...!!! Your hanging quilts are lovely, and am glad Miss Gracie approves of the yo-yo quilt.

  9. The red yo-yos are really coming along - they will make a really cute quilt - or whatever you plan to do with them.


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