Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I finally felt good enough this morning to get some photos--
Here is a picture from my shopping on Monday--
Oh MY goodness!!! do I only see one small piece of fabric in this picture???
Yep--I was good--
We did stop at JoAnn's and I got some crafty things for a change--
needed some more small trims--found some--got 2 packages of buttons--
one is stars from shells for the owl block--some paint and sponge brushes--
some delightfully pink storage bins---and I found some Styrofoam egg shapes on sale--they were only $1.97 package--were about $4 a package--so me grapped some  as Easter is a coming--plus have another project in mind for Valentines day--
and here is a few more goodies--aren't those baby booties the cutest???
Oh you say you see a book on Pilates there in the back--yea--
might as well have the book to go with the mat I bought before Christmas--right????
You only need to have the "stuff" and then it works it's magic while you sleep--

Oh No mom's got the camera again--
doesn't she have enough of me yet???
Well--Mom--let's play a bit--
Here is a good side of me--
and now here is the other side of me--
Now which side do you like  better?????
----actually I have one very smart kitty--she knows when I have the camera aimed at her-- and she does not like the flash going off in her eyes--so she always turns her head away from me or looks down--smarty pants!!!!)

We are not getting all the snow and ice and sleet here that they thought we would get--in fact it got to 45 degrees here today and started melting it all --
so lil sister and I ventured over to the Quilt shop--I needed more of the printer freezer paper sheets for my hexagons--the sun was shinning really brightly going over--
but === but we ended up walking home in a light rain--go figure!!!!

I am still praying all will be well with our AU friends--
and all those out west and north of here that are in the middle of storms yet.

Take care and be safe where ever you are--
                      and a spoiled Miss Gracie


  1. Lots of goodies! I can't wait to see what you make with the Easter eggs!

  2. Oooooooo goodies! Lots of fun goodies!
    You made me laugh about the pilates stuff! Too funny!
    Miss Gracie looks most beautiful from any angle. Such a lovely girl she is.
    Stay warm sweets. I too worry about our Aussie friends. Very scary.
    xx, shell

  3. You got some wonderful goodies!! I'm glad to here you didn't get too much snow. We got about a foot of snow here today and it was like a blizzard. The wind was so strong!!! I had to drive in it this morning to go to work! I decided to take my husbands truck since it has 4x4. He stayed home with the kids. They got a snow day!! They were very happy about that. It should be nicer tomorrow. One more day to work, then I'm off for the weekend. Yeah!!! Hugs Ariane

  4. You found lots of fun things to bring home.

    I'm surprised you didn't get all the snow and I'm sure you're very grateful.

  5. Glad you could venture out shopping - look at all the goodies! Will be fun to see what you turn them in to :)

  6. Goodies:-) Great! We`re two of a kind,(at least 2!!!) as I love shopping too....... LOL.


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