Saturday, February 19, 2011


I did not get my "nap" today--
and this picture really does show "why"--
about the time I was ready to go down--
Miss Gracie was ready to get up!!!!
and you know "who" won at this game don't you!!!???

And I did alot today--
this morning I hand quilted on the large 'abc' quilt--
then I went in and ironed on alot of freezer hexagons for hexie flowers--
ate lunch and then cut them out and matched them to centers--!!!
Then as I had gotten the center panel I designed done for the leftover honey bun roll-- I went to sew on that project--
when I looked out the window and realized that---

Old Man Winter--
was outside just a blowin and a snowin!!!
so I decided I really needed to be out here in my chair under my 'abc' quilt---working on it--so out I came--and I guess I worked a little long before going in to take a quick nap---(-Now we all know--why "Di" takes a nap!!!!!)

OK--Let's see where does that put us in the whole ball of wax???
this is my decision on the "party"--
we are suppose to be celebrating the end of 2 years of work here in the blog land--
and what a great fun ride it has been--
I am going to put everyones--yep--
everyone who left a guess or comment in the two days of guessing in a bucket and draw a name out -- tomorrow--too tired tonight!!
I truly feel this is the most "fair" way to do--
as some Knew about looking for the count and some didn't-
and I will come up with a couple nice prizes to go with this drawing!!!

I just ask that you forgive me if I came off alittle too strong in my other post for tonight--but -- that was how I felt--so now you know alittle more about me!!!!
So to all of you who have "enriched" my life in the last 2 years I just want to say--
And now let's get on with working on year #3!!!!!

Hugs, to all--from Di and miss gracie

be sure to keep reading down as there is the first post for tonight---


  1. Here's to the next year!!!! (smile)

    ps...I'd like to give a little shout out for 'NAPS'!!!! I love naps!

  2. Me too...I love naps too! Hope you have a blessed year!


  3. Here's to another wonderful year for you and Miss Gracie!!! I thoroughly enjoy your blog, you are very down to earth, and I like that, just like 'the lady next door'. Good health and happeniness to you both from downunder!!!

  4. Always learning new things from you :) the bahamas sounds rather good today (-21) ! Looking forward to following you another year! Hugs.

  5. Darn it, I was looking forward to escaping this wintry weather and heading to the Bahamas! lol

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog too, with all the funny pics of Miss Gracie and all. Here's to another wonderful year for you in Blogland!

  6. Happy nap time and happy wishes for another wonderful year of blogging.
    Love and friends always,
    shell and the bunnies


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