Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Because as much as I wanted to Quilt---
I did the laundry--
and not only did I do the regular clothes of 2 loads--!!!!!
I had time, money, and no one else wanting the machines--
so I did the bedding--
oh how I love fresh bedding--
and Miss Gracie and I --
even tried it out this afternoon--
and she agrees--it is so soft when first put on the bed!!!!

That took up most of the day--
but it is Wednesday--
One Flower Wednesday--
Opps I can't count--
I got three more hexagon flowers made up today---
all in the Bliss line!!!
Forgot to show you the 2 new books I got in this week--
Love both of these and I will have more time on the "second" Tuesday of next week to make something from each one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here is the Yo-Yo quilt--
See I "found" those 3 missing yo yo's!!!!
I do not think I will add more yo-yo's--but may do something more to this--
not sure when though????

and just before bed last night--
as I was "teaching" Miss Gracie how to pick up her toys--
I did a little Valentines Decorating--
Now be honest--have you ever seen "blue" for the background of Valentine items????
and here is the quilt I made last year--
That and the hearts I made last year are on the little table by Miss Gracie's rocking chair!!!!!


  1. You do indeed get an A+ for the day! Good for you with all your pretties! Love that Tilda book and can't wait to see what you make!
    Hugs to you and sweet miss gracie too!
    xx, shell

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! Love the Bliss flowers!

    Hope y'all are staying warm!

  3. Love your Valentine's decorations! - hearts & quilt!! You will love Kathy Tracy's new book, this morning I made a little sewing case from the book, it turned out really cute! I can't wait to see what you make!!!

  4. I love the quilt and the hearts!!!! Hurry up with the laundry so you can do more quilting.

  5. A+++
    It is all so pretty and you did laundry.
    Must be some extra credit in there somewhere.

  6. You always make me smile when I visit you!

  7. ooh... those books look so fun!! No I've never seen blue as the background for valentines. BUT - I liked it!!!

  8. Everything looks great! I love February for all the pinks and reds.

  9. Love all your Valentine decor. Fresh bedding is the best, you're right! My cats LOVE to help me put on new sheets. They dive under them and try to "catch" the sheets as they come down. Good times!

  10. Very pretty Valentine decorations.


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