Saturday, February 12, 2011


I really have been "working"--
Ahhhh--Miss Gracie--
I am trying to take a photo of my work---
Ahhhh--Miss Gracie--that is the strap to the camera--
OK---you win--you and the "flowers" are in the picture--
Oh you say that your "world" of fans have missed seeing you--
You are probably right--
and I see you like Mom's hexagon flowers!!!!
good kitty!!!

and the pink duck said to the yellow duck--
hey we live with a quilter now--
how "cool" is that-
Look at what she "whipped" up today on her machine????
Here's block 1 --
and --
here is block 2 from the Black n White bom
at Florida Cabin Fever Quilters--
you can find the pattern at The Golden Thimble---
the link is at the bottom of the first list of blog sites!!!!
Alice--she got me into this one!!!!
I first tried my box of all solid colored pieces--No red--
unbelievable!!!!  Finally after the second try of looking I found the red above--and I decided I really liked it better than a bright solid red--and then I found the blue--and I know I have a green like these--now for the other 3 colors we will need!!!!!

Then as the yellow duck said to the pink duck--
and guess what else she did--
seeing as she finally got the sewing machine warmed up she worked on this pile--

Or should I say--she worked with some leftover strips from a honey bun--
and some white strips and now she has a pile of "something"???
So I guess we will just have to "sit" around here for awhile and see what she makes out of all this mess--besides it's toooo cold yet to go for a swim!!!!

See I have been busy--entertaining "ducks"!!!!
and don't forget "playing" with Miss Gracie!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my our Aussie friends!!!!


  1. I like your black and white blocks. The blue and red worked perfectly with them.

  2. Thanks Kady, and Happy Valentine's to you guys too!! I see that Miss Gracie loves the sewing chair as much as Miss Mini, I'm very lucky in that she lets me sit on the edge of it when I want to sew LOL!!! Your blocks look like fun, have a great weekend!!!

  3. Love your blocks! I saw this quilt along and thought: Nah...but now I've seen yours and I want to make them too! I'm pretty sure I have enough black and white fabrics in my stash!

  4. Beautiful blocks Di! Miss Gracie makes every photo even more beautiful. :)
    You crack me up with the duckies! Fun!
    xx, shell


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