Friday, February 25, 2011


Yep ----three titles for today's post!!!!

First one---
Don't tell Chookyblue--
but I have had this work in progress--
Blocks in progress from the "A Gardener's Journal" by Anni Downs--
way before she did the "club"--I was gonna "join" it to get me moving again on finishing it---but??????
but yesterday I found the bag with the ones I have finished and ones that are traced waiting there turn--and I got busy on them once again--
above shows the newest work--2 more totally done and a 3rd one half done!!
So Chooky---I am working on it and I promise----
AHHHH--lets not do the "promise" thingy"--but I will try to keep working on these--
I love these and really would love to finish them!!!

Look what I found----
As I was "digging" around looking for the ones I had finished in the Gardner's Journal--
you will never guess what I found--
Looky here!!!!
Remember when I just "redid" these two--
cause I could not find last years--
Well--friends--here they are--??????

One of my thread orders came in today--
again this is all "Chooky's" fault!!!!
Over on the SAL site for the Tis the Season--
some inspiring stitchers are doing their blocks in variegated threads of red and green--
well-Di can't let that happen with out her--so she went looking and finally found some and ordered a couple different ones--
The one on the left is a No for this project--
the spool in the middle is for hand quilting some pink and green quilts I have--
but that thread on the right is just "right" I do believe!!!!

 It's my turn--
Now I know that everyone--even me believe it or not ==
is tired of seeing these kinds of pictures--
but--darn it---I just had to take some to show you what was happening at my house today!!!
this is through the window--

then I opened the window for these "shots"--

it is piled high here--but hard to see that from up here on the 2nd floor!!!

Sooooo---Spring can come now--
seen enough white stuff for now!!!!

and one sweet kitty--Miss Gracie


  1. Loads of lovely finds at your place Di....

  2. I do hope Spring comes soon for you Di....and I love the thread you have chosen for the SAL....I am sure Chooky will find out about your GJ blocks....she is all seeing...LOL

  3. You have been busy with your stitcheries, well done!! All that snow, well, it looks too darn cold for these bones! we are on the verge of Autumn, looking forward to slightly cooler weather, but it'll never get that cold!!! You and Miss Gracie stay warm!!!

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  5. hhhhmmmmmmm.............hope you read what Lorraine said......she is right.....I don't miss
    now hiding things from me and blaming me for buying threads all in one are in serious trouble punishment I promise to stay on your case about your Gardener's Journal so you better get some pics taken and do a post on the SAL blog and let us know how much you have done and what you need to do for your gardeners journal......ASAP......oh and we need to see

    I like the other bonus stitcheries you found too........
    Snow well I would not get sick of the pics as I NEVER see snow..........only seen it once or twice in my life.........but I can understand you're sick of it..........going to be well over 100F for the next few days.........bring on autumn I say........

  6. Such pretty stitching! Love the thread you chose too. Those pictures look TOO familiar! Ugh, I'm ready for Spring!!

  7. Stitching is gorgeous. Snow is icky!!!
    xx, shell


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