Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am clapping for myself--
I did a job today that has been on the "to-do" list forever--
I started this project at 10 am this morning--
and finished the last row of basting at 4 pm--
only took about 1/2 break total in between all this--
this quilt top is 46 x 66"--
and is alot of hand applique and hand piecing--
this was started 8 years ago--when our local quilt shop first opened--
before any of us knew what we where doing!!!!

I could see lots of "boo-boo's" as I basted this--
but was glad for them--cause I was able to see and know how much my stitching has improved since those first days!!!!
I believe there was 8 of us in the group--
I think only 2 of us finished--the other lady had hers machine quilted!!

Here is the first block of the bom that lil sister and I are doing at the local quilt shop--
Everyone is using a green green DMC floss for theirs--
Me---you know has to be different--
I am using a Sulky variegated 12wt thread in a green and teal for mine--
can't decide if I want to use the same color for them all--or use a different color of the Sulky thread for each block????

Well--we sure have had an adventure this week-
the snow and wind storms here in the US--
and that huge cyclone in AU--
Jenny is fine--thankfully--but alot are without homes in AU tonight--
between the floods and now this--my heart is really hurting for those folks!!

                          and a missing--Miss Gracie!!!!!


  1. I love your BOM block! And your quilt is very nice, too. Doesn't it feel great to get it finished?

  2. Very nice! I bet it feels fantastic to finish that quilt! It must be nice even to see how much your skills have grown! I love your BOM. That scene looks so cozy!

  3. Well done on your commitment to getting your UFO basted!! The new BOM (Oh no, is that another one??!!) looks lovely too. Hope you are keeping warm - and that Gracie puts in an appearance soon...

  4. Looks like a lot of work went in to that quilt. It is beautiful. Like your snowman BOM. It's a nice change from the reds and blues. Did I miss something about Miss Gracie or is she just hiding tonight? Nola

  5. Good for you to resurrect an old project, it looks very interesting and am looking forward to seeing it when it' all done! I hope Miss Gracie is alright?

  6. It's nice to look at old projects and see how much we've grown.

    Your new BOM looks great. It's nice to see a design with more than just a snowman and a bird. I wonder why there is always a bird with the snowmen?

  7. What a fun BOM! Love your color choice sweets.
    I can't believe you worked so long on that quilt! Good for you!
    I'm glad Jenny is ok too. She has been through so much.
    Have a fun weekend. Smoochies to miss gracie for me!
    xx, shell


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