Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was able to work at the sewing machine for half day!!!

This morning my friend Anne came and we both did some hand quilting--
she sewed on a binding on a baby quilt and I worked on hand quilting another row on the ABC quilt--

Then she drove me to Tops for some bread--
I love this one line of bread that comes in on Tuesdays-
( and so does Anne!!!)

I always get 3 loaves--the other kind is whole wheat--
You have to put these right in the refrigerator or freezer when you get home--
as they have NO preservatives in them--
Look here at the ingredients--

See only just what is needed to make fresh baked bread--
and no work or clean up!!!!

Then after Miss Gracie and I had lunch and she went for her nap--
I went to the sewing machine to work on a "work in progress"--
remember this "project" is to use up scraps from a honey bun roll I had--
wellll---this one I think has more work in it that the first project I did--
I thought "scrap" quilts where suppose to be 'quick n easy'--just to use them up!!!!
I also have a little problem here--
Now I can fill this row in--
but then I will have 8 rows at the top and only 7 at bottom--
so what's the "big" deal you say--just take off the two side pieces!!
I could==but it will be lots of work--as I will also have to 'restitch' the end of each row afterwards--as I sewed these rows going in the long direction!!!
See what happens when one is just doing something from the "top of the head" instead of using a pattern!!!

Here is another little look at what I am doing with this--
Yep--here is that center square that I have embroidered something on!!!
I have also decided pretty much how I am going to finish this one--
but I can't tell--
you will have to stay tuned in for that?????

Oh--and on a real "funny" note here--
Remember this from yesterday??

and the one of the reason's I had decided to do this one was to maybe use up a jelly roll I had--wrong--
It would need a honey bun--uses only 1 1/2 inch wide strips--
and I am not cutting down a jelly roll at 2 1/2--so--
you do know what this means don't you????
I get to go shopping next week and find me a honey bun!!!!!!!

PS and Miss Gracie and I have all our friends and the folks in NZ in our hearts and prayers--


  1. I hope you find a way out of your dilemma with the little patches quilt top that was supposed to be a quick job! I'm afraid I don't have any words of wisdom for this one Di! LOL
    A truly devastating situation in Christchurch - I know the city well as I did my nursing training there quite a few years ago now - a once beautiful, historic and charming garden city. It's been hard to watch the news updates over the past 24 hrs. I heard there is a team from the US on it's way to NZ to assist in the recovery effort, joining Australian and local emergency service personnel. They will definitely need our prayers!

  2. Ask Miss Gracie, I'm sure she will have an answer for your dilemma! Sleep on it some more and I know you will come up with someting creative!! I'm sure you will have fun shopping for a new Honey Bun. Your thoughts for NZ are most welcome and appreciated, as a country we are reeling that something like this has happened.

  3. All this talk about honey buns...yummy!
    xx, shell


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