Monday, February 14, 2011


Miss gracie got me a lovely pink necklace and a little box of chocolates--
now wasn't that "sweet" of her?????

I got myself a couple more winter shirts on sale--
the one on the left is a turtle neck--pink snowflakes for $3--
and the grey one has a cute little ruffle around the neck--
now tell me --who can resist a plain looking long sleeved t-shirt with a ruffle around the neck????  and for $5--????

I have gotten two more flowers to grow in my garden!!!
a bom traced and started--
and some much needed housework done today!!!!!
And I ate two pieces of the chocolates from Miss gracie!!!!

Well I have to say--this one was the most popular card--

with 9 votes--can't say Iwas not surprised--as we are mostly "sewer's"!!!
the runner up is--

with 4 votes--
nobody voted for my favorite one--
I kinda liked the little girl in the heart--
she looks sooo sweet--just like me!!!!

well now I gotta decide how to finish this little "game"--
I will let you all know tomorrow--tomorrow!!!
In the mean time--
    From---Di and Miss Gracie--------


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Oh I forgot to vote yesterday - well, I was picking the sewing gal. Miss Gracie treats you so well!! I love the grey shirt - looks so comfy and warm.

  3. Trust Miss Gracie to give you the purrffect gift!!!


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