Friday, February 18, 2011


How many posts has Di done on this site in the last 2 years????
5 of you are close--but still some what off!!!
I know like that really helps you--hu????
Okay--here is a hint--
it is between "625" and "651"--now does that help!!!!
so give me some more fun guess's ok!!!
I am having some fun here blog friends!!!
though Miss Gracie is "peeved" at me for "hiring" someone else to help me yesterday--
so she said she is going to look for all  her mice she has hidden around and pack them all up and she just might go live with the winner!!!!! 
( I am not worried--she knows who loves her and who overfeeds her!!!!)

So--Lets everyone jump in--
and get your feet wet and guess again!!!!!

I did do this today--
along with some sewing, quilting, and gardening(hexie flowers!!)
different curtains and I got the star items hung up--
Good for me!!!!

Have a great week end and think "spring" thoughts--
In the meantime I will see ya tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di and---
a "mouse" collecting Miss Gracie!!!!
PS ducky comes too!!!!!


  1. Hmmm... I did the math, and I come up with 626 today, and 625 yesterday. What am I missing?

  2. And where did you find the cute question mark? I looked for one earlier today, but mine isn't that cute.

  3. I still get 626 when I add 14 +26+320+266. Not sure what I am missing.2011=40; 2010=320;2009=266.

  4. Okay I will say 628.

    Have a lovely day Di and Gracie.

  5. I guess 649!!! Love those curtains!!!!

  6. Definitely 647,Miss Gracie wispered to me,can she really count? LOL
    Lovely curtains!

  7. What a tease! I know you post almost daily, and I don't think you preschedule...I guess 630! Because that's my age (plus 600!) fun game! That's a ton of posts! Happy blogiversary!

  8. no idea......say your makeover on the blog..I have been too tired after work to read/comment on any blogs so am catching up tonight....!

  9. It looks like 626 to me, as of today! Your curtains and stars look so pretty! Miss Gracie is adorable too!

  10. LOL Di, my second guess is 637....and you can keep Gracey if I win...I don't know if my cats would want a new comer :) lol

  11. Hi Di,Just for fun I'll jump in with 628,no idea why that number,just 'cuz. Love your new banner. Sure Miss Gracie can come for a visit as long as she is nice to my

  12. Love the curtains girlfriend and the stars!


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