Friday, February 4, 2011


I only meant that Miss Gracie was not here---
This rocking chair sits right here next to my computer table and this is where she sleeps while I am on the computer--for the most part any more--but last night when I looked over she wasn't there!!!  think she was over in my wicker chair under the light sleeping instead---I must of been typing on the keys here "too" loud and she couldn't sleep!!!?????

This morning was the grocery thingy--
got some healthy food to eat--
like good old yogurt--
did get some frozen shrimp--miss gracie likes shrimp!!!
and would you believe this--
I got a bag of what is called -Veggie chips--
they are made with spinach, tomatoes, ect--
thinking I was doing myself better than just plain potato chips--
well--I ended up comparing labels tonight--
Surprise--there is far less salt in the chips (lightly salted ones)
and lots more vitamins in the potato chips--
than in the veggie chips--
actually the veggie chips had nothing in them of value--
go figure????

Mail call-
two of the orders came in today with a couple pieces of the Bliss line--
Order #1--
this order from the Old Country Store in PA--
but look what came with the Bliss fabric--
wonder "who" ordered these--bet that Miss gracie did!!!
Order #2--
from Hollyhill Quiltshop in OR--
and look again other fabric came in with the bliss fabrics--
I really must talk to Miss gracie about her buying all this fabric!!!!
I am amazed with these two orders--they where ordered late on the first and got here at noon today on the fourth--good work!!!
this is the first time I have ordered from the Hollyhill--but know that I will order from them again!!!

What did I do Quilt/sew wise today--
was I suppose to do something????
I got 3 more hexagon flowers made today!!!
see I did work -- some!!!!
and I did decide what color and brand of thread to use on the ABC quilt for hand quilting that I basted yesterday--and that was work--right?????

I am so glad we are done with this past week--
it was emotionally hard for all of us with the snow, ice, cold here--
and the cyclone in AU--so here is to a great relaxing fun filled week end --
and a sleeping Miss Gracie~~~~~~~~


  1. Glad to hear Miss Gracie is ok! She looks very comfy indeed! It's been another scorcher here and poor Miss Mini really felt the heat, now she has had her dinner she is napping on the wingback chair!!!

  2. I have an award for you on my site...please do stop in to the cottage!

  3. I wondered why you didn't seem too concerned about Miss Gracie being 'missing'!!! Love all your new fabrics, Miss Gracie chose well! Your latest hexies are very cute; I haven't made any at all this week but maybe I can squeeze one in today before the new week starts!!

  4. Love the quilt that Miss Gracie gets to snooze on...very pretty.. I have been at the Old Country store...I loved it!!

  5. Love the red and blue fabric from the Bliss line. The rest look fun too.

    Your pink flowers are adorable.

    I've tried the veggie chips. Some brands taste like cardboard but a couple others are pretty good. They are mostly fried like regular chips so you're not doing any better health wise. I do like the different flavors of the veggies though. I like the beets and sweet taters.

  6. I was wondering why you were so blase about Miss Gracie not "being there" in the previous post! ....and...she has been busy ordering stuff on the computer!!! clever thing! Have a great uneventful-weather-week!


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