Saturday, February 26, 2011


That Miss Gracie is mean!!!!!
she took all my threads--needles--pins--on and on--
all my fabrics and projects--
and she--
locked them all up --
and she announced that--
Mom was to take the week end off--
At first I thought "oh boy--I can sit around and do nothing!!!"

I was informed that If I wanted her to unlock them by Monday--
that "this" house had to be cleaned up--
laundry done--
valentines put away--
some new decorating done--
and some rest!!!

So-- as of tonight--Saturday--
I was a 'good' girl and I have not touched a 'needle'!!!
other than to knit on a baby hat while doing the laundry downstairs--
and I did get alot of the actual housework done---
and even finished reading a book!!!

Now tomorrow might be another story!!!!


  1. You got a lot done there Di! I hope Miss Gracie gives you time off for good behavior! ;-)

  2. That Gracie is a slave driver. I hope Rocco doesn't hear what she did to you. lol

  3. Sometimes Di, you just have to do what the boss wants - you can't argue with a way!!! LOL

  4. She's getting to be a real bossyboots! Hope you enjoy your weekend anyway. (have you tried bribing her with fish?)

  5. Looking forward till your next story!! I think you are doing the right thing,taken good care of Miss Gracie at least:))))
    Happy Only-Sewing-Sunday??!!

  6. I sure hope you got your chores done to Miss Gracie's satisfaction, so you can come out to play today!


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