Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I went looking for the 'honey buns' last night--
and I hardly found any out there--
are they not going to make this "size" any more????
good thing I got "stash" I will just have to see what else I can come up with????

I believe that "my" garden is growing???

Look '7' more blooms for the collection!!

I now have '18' flowers in my garden--
this is how I entertain myself--
while I am entertaining Miss Gracie in the evenings after blogging????

And would you believe that I found a '3rd' way to finish this off????
I did fill this row in--
then I added another row on the bottom!!!!
Oh how simple that was--
but am now having a problem with how to finish it---
did alot more work on it today--but then I did not like "yesterdays" ideas--
but--the ole light bulb came on --(ok-- I had some help from lil sister!!!)
and now feel better about how to finish it!!!

Did talk to the "other" sister today--
she has adopted a tiny Yorkie pup--
wait--I was suppose to adopt a pup--
not a cat--help!!!!

Alright now--be nice--
I know there is No help for me!!!!!

PS---be sure to check out my other site tonight--
I need some answers from you all--!!!!!


  1. Your garden is beautiful Di! It is growing indeed! Maybe sister's dog and miss gracie will become good friends.
    xx, shell

  2. Your little hexies look wonderful! I am waiting patiently for some hexie templates to arrive, I can't wait to start a small hexie quilt!

  3. Your 'flower garden' is looking good Di. What are you going to do with them, when you are done making them?

  4. Wow Di your garden of hexies are wonderful I am sure Miss Gracie is very proud of you!

    Fun post as always just makes me smile!

    :) Carolyn

  5. Oh, what pretty flowers!! The quilt is pretty too.


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