Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Oh I think someone is being "mean" to me!!!
Just because I said we did not "often" get alot of snow--
did not mean someone could "order" and send me some!!!!!

I am here--barely--
I did get to go shopping yesterday to get things ahead of the storm coming--
but I over did it and have been in pain ever since--
of course--this weather does not help me either---
I have been on the computer though most of the day--
would you believe how hard it is to find all the fabrics in one line that you want to use--lil sister and I decided on which fabrics for my hexagon Bliss flowers--so far I have done 3 orders to get the right fabrics and I still need one more--which I did find--but will do a order for it later--I probably was looking at it all along--it just looks different on the Internet that the charm piece sitting here for me to match!!!!
I pray everyone stays safe, warm, and dry during the rest of this week--
here in the US and those facing the cyclone in AU--
Take care--


  1. I hear this storm is hitting some states pretty hard. They said they are expecting thousands to be without power. 60 MPH winds when the temps are near 0 does not make for a good week.

    Good thing you went shopping for your necessities (cat food and chocolate) and now can just hunker down and wait out the storm.

    Hope your aches and pains clear out soon.

  2. Rest and stay in during the storm. Hopefully, these will be the last of this winter.

  3. I wish I had known you were going fabric shopping online. I would have given you my list!

  4. My prayers are with all of those facing terrible snow storms in the US and the horrendous Category 5 cyclone about the hit the Far North Coastal communities of Queesland in 3-4 hours.

  5. Stay warm Di,
    Glad you got your shopping done for all your food staples. We are having a winter storm as well so have the crockpot cooking up a big chicken dish we can reheat later if power goes out. Propane stove and wood stove are a blessing.
    Prayers are with you and allin harms way in Australia.

  6. Stay warm and indoors with miss Gracie! Funny you getting all the snow, isn't it?

  7. YES, stay warm...I've been thinking about you & Gracie.


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