Wednesday, February 16, 2011


this week I got my garden to grow two more Hexagon flowers--
And so you don't think I am showing you the same flowers over and over again--
Here is the collection so far------

I got the February bom done today for the Quilt shop club I am in--
Loved this one with the quilts on the clothes line!!!!
Here is last months--remember???
Now they do give us the DMC floss--
But I don't know--it did not make my "heart" go pitty pat--
so I am using this thread instead--
this is a sulky thread and a lot of fun to work with!!!!

Got more hand quilting done today too on the ABC quilt--
and got the center block I have designed traced out and started the embroidery on that--so kept busy!!!!

that's all for today folks---
but tomorrow something is "happening" around there--
so be sure to "tune" in -- you won't want to miss it!!!!!


  1. The stitcheries are lovely especially the quilt one. Love the thread you have chosen.
    Hope you had a great sleep.

    How is Little Sis???

  2. Those stitcheries are just gorgeous! I love the one with the quilts hanging on the line.. wouldn't it be nice to have them in our own backyards :)

  3. Lovely flowers,I watch yours and another blog Wednesdays/Thursdays checking you gardens,Great how it grows:-)
    Nice stitchery as well,like the green color!!

  4. I love your bluebird! The stitcheries are great. I'm just learning, and I'm really enjoying myself. That thread looks yummy....

  5. That stitchery is just too darn cute! Like your floss colors way better than the DMC stuff.
    xx, shell

  6. Love the one with the quilts on the line! Love the green color!


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