Sunday, March 6, 2011


Miss Gracie loves to play--
and here is some of the proof---
But Mom hasn't decided if it is that she likes to 'bat' at these things, or if she try's to catch them--or if she is really just testing her Mom to see how well her Mom can throw bits and pieces of paper and stuffed mice!!!!!
(and guess 'who' gets the privilege of picking up this mess????)

I got up to a surprise today---
they said it would start snowing today--
this afternoon sometime and continue through the night--
well they were wrong again!!!!
It started at 8 am this morning and has been fairly steady all day--
So it looked like this again here--
So it is hard for me to know just how much we have so far--but I can guess it is alot--
probably at least 10 inches and they are saying it will continue til 8 am tomorrow--

So guess what I did do today????

Yep--stayed under this allllll day!!!
Did some more hand quilting on the upper border--
then this afternoon I worked on doing the blanket stitch around these letters--
got up to and including the 'S' done!!!
Has anyone seen my "fairy god mother"????

As nobody did any cleaning here--
and if it is still snowy and such tomorrow--
I know where I will be!!!!
and where will you be?????
Hugs,and warmth to all--
from Di and miss gracie!!!


  1. Petting kitties and typing at the same time. That is always the way.
    Congrats on all of the work that you got done.
    Snow has some advantages.

  2. That is so lovely! We've had rain in Indiana, hoping the snow stays away. Rainy days are fun for movies and crafting too :)

  3. Elizabeth and I are missing our kitties sooo much :( So have an extra play with Gracie for us!

  4. Miss Gracie did have a bit of a fun time didn't she? LOL! Glad you had time to do some sewing as well, with the look of the weather outside you both were in the right place!!!

  5. LOL!! What a cute little mess! Totally worth it to watch her play!


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