Friday, March 11, 2011


My goodness--
this has been some week around here--
let me tell you--
and today was more of the same--
I am sooooo ready for a vacation!!!!!

Today we had the Mayor in to talk to us--
oh my can she talk a good line and can she do a good job of patting herself on the back-- and everything we asked her about--she was the one who did this or that--
( and the this and that was all done behind closed doors!!!!)  I finally got so mad at her, and her lies that I actually got up and walked on her!!!!--
Now tell me "how' did I get myself into this "mess"????
I do not do "politics"--it is too far over this little pea brain of mine---
and as a result of all the stress this week-
my lovely high blood pressure has gone Up Up and Up!!!!

Oh--that's right--this is a quilt site--
and I can talk alittle about that tonight--
last night I was not feeling well and I needed to do something different--
so I did some counted cross stitch--
looky here!!!!
this is a SAL out of France--so it is hard to figure at times--
but I just fell in love with it--
I have to send her this picture that step 1 is done and she will send me step 2--
and so forth!!!

and I got two more small blocks of the Gardner's Journal done--
I am doing this block different that what they did in the book--
and I will not have all the blocks in my wall hanging--but enough to make it pretty and interesting!!!!

Well--I do believe that it is another--
So plan some fun and some extra rest--
come Monday--we will need it!!!!

PS and we need to be praying for Japan tonight and this week end---that is a terrible mess there---!!!


  1. That is a cute cross-stitch Di! No, I will not start cross-stitching again, I have too many other things.. really... hee hee (do you think I have convinced myself?!)
    Sorry to hear about all the politics. I hate them myself and try to keep out of it... but sometimes I guess you need to get involved. I sure hope she doesn't shut you guys down so you have to move,

  2. Love the little cross stitch. It looks so springy. You do beautiful work. Did the mayor talk about plans for you folks? I know you have been concerned? Nola

  3. Hope the politicos will decide to leave you all be for the moment!
    Yes I too get my BP up over our county politics! Pretty stitching. I do not do CS but my niece Diana is a pure artist with it.

  4. I have been enjoying some cross stitching too!! fun, fun...and good for you for walking out on the lady, if she was just blowing hot air!

  5. I wonder what she thought when you walked out? hehehe!! Well, sometimes that's the best you can do,as arguing wouldn't have gotten you anywhere with her I'm sure.


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