Friday, March 4, 2011


I have not forgotten you--
last night was just one of those "nights"--
but I did read up on all "your" blog sites---!!!!!

Thursday went over town with lil sister--
and you know where the first stop was???
the quilt shop--
I got one charm pack for now of the "Lilac Hill" line--
oh how I like this line---what to do -- what to do ---????

and I got the newest issue of Mary Janes Farm magazine--
In fact it has been "magazine" week here--

lil sister got the Flea market one--but I do need one for my library too--
and I got the Country one today--this issue is a good one!!!
The Victoria Bliss I got at Joann's the other day--can't find it around here--
and if for no other reason--I love the photography in them--
and I got this one at Barnes and Nobles on Tues--
it is a good issue too--
My only complaint with this kind of magazine is they have it all wrong in alot of what they show and advertise---they are always talking about "green" and that is recycled items--I am all for that==don't get me wrong--but "what" kind of products are going into the recylced items -- like plastic bottles--they are not healthy for us the first time around--and now they are making clothes out of them--our poor bodies do not stand a chance at staying healthy!!!  and what is with using rubber tires to make purses and such--give me a break---OK Di get off that soap box--no body wants to hear this!!!
Oh look what I found at Wal mart today---
baby mittens--got 4 sets of 2 for 75 cents a set--thought they were a $1 for the set--
now wished I had gotten more--these go in my bin for the Santa program for at Christmas time!!!

Work--you ask me if I did any stitching work--
yes -I did--
I did some hand quilting on the ABC one---
this afternoon I finished another Gardners Journal block--
Yesterday I got this one--sorta---sorta--finished--
me ran out of the thread--
but it has shipped--so should be here on Monday!!!

By the way--do you all realize that it is March--
I found myself realizing this only Yesterday--
so I am alittle slow!!!!

Ah--gotta go --Miss Gracie just got up from her nap and she wants something--
so need to go see what it is??????

Oh my I also just realized that this is Friday night--
do you know what that means---


  1. good to see another GJ block and i really like the thread you have for the TTS looks great.......what is it??
    I am stitching the same block.....

  2. Love your magazines! We used to be able to get 'Victoria' here, and I used to get every issue I could lay my hands on, but it has not been available here for a few years now. I remember it did have fabulous photography, it was one of my favourites, not that I get too many magazines these days. Your embroideries are coming along nicely!!

  3. Your magazines look great! I love your stitched blocks!!!! They look wonderful!!!

  4. Good magazines Di! I love Mary Jane's Farm.
    I seem to have been having one of those weeks like you had that night. I can't seem to catch up from being gone last weekend. I'm sooooo tired too!
    xx, shell


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