Tuesday, March 22, 2011


so what do you think of me??????

Here is the latest Quilt report---
All applique is finished--
All hand quilting is finished--

All the leaves have a 'vein' stitched in the centers--
All the flowers that need button centers are sewin on--
the windows on the house have been re-stitched--
the quilt has it's binding all done--
So let's see--
that is alot of check marks--
In fact looks like all the boxes are filled in--
so that must mean---
Time for a Happy Dance--
Cause--Cause that must mean that the ABC quilt is allllllllllllllllllllll done!!!
I have worked on this one like I said off and on for 8 years--
and the funny thing is--as it was so large--
it was hard for me to really see the "big" picture of it--
so when I got it hung on the wall today--
I am in love!!!!!!

Here is the pattern--


  1. Oooohhhh, I love it! Such good work!!

  2. Congratulations on the finish Di!! It is beautiful :)

  3. Verrry impressive! You must feel wonderful for getting it finished!

  4. I always feel sew good when I complete a project that has taken a long time to do, so Congratulations, Di! I'm sure Miss Gracie was a big help too! ;-)

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! I can see why it has taken so long to complete. I especially love the border with the flowers and birds.
    You really did a great job! Nola

  6. Oh, I love it!! I think a very long and energetic happy dance is in order.

  7. Nice finish! Looks fantastic. I hope you had a drum roll to go with the happy dance!

  8. It's absolutely marvellous! Congratulations Di! You deserve both chocolate and icecream today :-)
    hope they were wrong about the snow.

  9. Di, it's beautiful! And it's DONE, doesn't that make you feel great? What a lovely quilt.

  10. Awwwww, how fun! I am so happy for you too!!

  11. It's beautiful Di! Oh you did such a great job!
    xx, shell

  12. Wow!!! I love this quilt!! It's so beautiful!!!!

  13. Love your completed ABC quilt, there is lots to see in it! You must be pleased to have it finally hanging on the wall!!!

  14. This looks like a quilt that took a lot of time. It's gorgeous! congrats!


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