Monday, March 21, 2011


for a Monday--
it was a very productive day for me---
After a quick trip to Walmart for lifes essentials --
like chocolate and cat food--
I was able to get the third block finished on this project--
I took a nice picture--but the camera wanted to give me a hard time--must be!!!
I am having fun doing this counted cross stitch and it is nice to do something different one day a week!!!!  did I tell you I love to do counted cross stitch!!!!

Then after lunch I went to the sewing room--
Yep--I really did go to the sewing room and --
I really did do some sewing!!!
got the fourth block done of the black and white bom--
(again the camera did not like me--this is alot prettier in real life!!!!)
Did I tell you that I love to sew!!!!

Now for a story--
and a very important "warning"--
do not--I repeat--do not order fabric or such on line when under the influence of--
a sleeping aid from having the big "C" done---
I was so proud of myself that night that I had went through so many hours with out food and that I actually made it though the whole thing--
that when I opened an email from "Green Fairy's" about their charm pack sale that I 
decided to reward myself and I ordered 3 of them--
Unfortunately----I used paypal--but --- I forgot to check and make sure that the money was in "that" account---two days later it hit me--I think the money's was in my other checking account--looked and I was right--
so here is a look at my $19.00 a pack charm packs--
I got this pack to go with the Full Circle one--
discovered these come in different shades in the same pack--
and I really love them--
guess I better for $19--
(order was $25--and a $32 overdraft fee!!!!!ouch!!!!!)
Oh well--life goes on!!!!
Did I tell you that I love to order fabric!!!

Also got a small Counted cross stitch leaflet in today--
I love sampler ones--and this has the abc's and birds and a cat--
now how could I not resist this one--
also got a set of two charms to go on it--
and look how it came wrapped up--
Oh did I tell you I love hearts toooooo!!!!!!

Now yesterday-Sunday--lil sister and I did go up on the hill to the Antique shop--
I came home with this--
could not believe my luck--oh did I tell you that I love blue birds!!!!!
this was $3.00
and I found this--
little wire 'do-hickey' --did I tell you that I love wire do-hickey's!!!!
It was 50 cents!!!!!

Now I did do some more sewing today in the sewing room--
but that will wait until tomorrow--
this enough for one day!!!!!


  1. Sounds like your camera and my camera are in cahoots together. Some days I can try all I want but my pictures still come out yucky.

    I have also done the same thing with Paypal. I have it connected to my savings account and not the family checking account (keeps me from spending the food budget lol). Only took me not checking my balance once to learn that hard lesson.

  2. I do love the charm packs you got...hey they're worth it right? :-) Your cross-stitching is just beautiful! Hey I went to Walmart today too...didn't see you there though! ;-)

  3. Your little charm packs are just lovely, especially the muslin pack, very versatile!!! Your cross stitch is coming along nicely! Hate those ooppsy-daisy moments, that's a steep lesson!!!

  4. You are so amazing with all the things you get done in a day! Love your charm packs. I've done the same thing with paypal too. Dag! Oh well.
    xx, shell

  5. Love everything! The charm packs are really cute. I've done the same thing with the checking. It really sucks when you get a good deal to have to pay full price plus some, lol. Love your blog. I could sit here forever and look at it. I love the sal. Its a fun one and the parts are cute and fast. I am a sal addict and find it hard to turn them down.


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