Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The phone rang at 11 pm last night with the 'bestests' news!!!!
My team "won"!!!

In the race for Mayor--it was a surprise and shock to everyone--
the new Mayor is Mark Swinnerton and he is the guy in the blue shirt--
first trrustee is Scott Gibson the one on the far rigth--
second trustee is Kevin Smith and is the  one on the far right--
the other man is our Judge Dugo he ran uncontested and has been the village judge for 28 years now!!!  these fellows will make a great working team!!
Mayor votes where--Mark S. 324
Present mayor --Judy P. 186
so there was not only a win==but a big one at that--
and the present Mayor is in Hawaii--poor thing!!!!

Did 'Di' make it for 24 hours with out food?????
to her big surprise--yes she did--and the pills work really very good--
and the outcome of the big "C" test is a good one--
thanks for everyone who prayed for me--
it was 'funny'--but I did really fine until they walked me into the preparation room-- and when I seen the machines etc--I did stop 'dead in my tracks' and I told the lady who was showing me which bed was mine that I did not think I could do this after all!!! 

she gently took me by the arm and said--yes you can!!!  and we will help you every step of the way--and they did--they where a great gentle loving team!!!
the only reaction I have had so far--is I keep sneezing and my nose keeps running--so now I look like 'Rudolfo' !!!!!
I did have some more--
but it will need to wait until tomorrow evening--
and in the meantime--


  1. Glad you are ok and glad your day turned out just like you wanted Di!
    Love ya bunches!
    xx, shell

  2. So glad the election and the colon came out with the best results. Don't you love Maxine!! lol

  3. I'm glad your election results turned out the way you wanted. So it only stands to reason that your 'procedural' results come out that way too!!! Not a very dignified procedure, but sometimes a necessary one, I hope you are recovering from the enforced fasting, positive thoughts your way!!

  4. Glad everything went well. I am amazed miss Dolly's hairdo lasted that long! Anything fluffy gets nickked here....
    Enjoy your chocolate today :)

  5. Lots of good news Di! That's great! Funny cartoon too! :-) xo Jen

  6. Great news Di, glad to hear your tests came out well.


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