Tuesday, March 1, 2011


First though--
that Miss Gracie is better--
thank you for all the concern!!!

Girl friend took me shopping today--
out of town--yes!!!!!!!!

First place we 'hit' was a Quilt shoppe--
have wanted to get to this one for awhile now--
and look at these goodies--
this quilt shop does have a large area of needlework supplies--
I just love the 'Wildflower" collection by Caron
and I did find one with red/green thread for the Tis the Season blocks
and I have been looking for the Sulky blues thread for along time--
I think I am going to need these colors of the 'blues' for this quilt--
are these not to die for!!!!?????
This is going to be the Home Sweet Home one--

(yep--I have to redo the 'H' block already--it is done in another color!!!


Also here is a better look at two small counted cross stitch patterns--
did not realize though that the one on the left is a Christmas one--

And when I had my shop I sold these--
coasters---they are made from recycled books here in US--
I love these--was so excited to see them and to pick out a couple new ones--
want to get more when I go back--my old ones are still in great shape--
just want something new to look at!!!!


Went to the Book store--but only bought a magazine--
then lunch at Wendys--
then on to Joann's--
I really can not believe the prices of the decorations there--
and they are somewhat 'cheaply' made---I mean $35 for a simple wreath with some silk flowers--give me a break!!!!
Did find these treasures though--
I wanted some 'eggs' for some bird nest I have and I knew that now would be the time to find them--this package has a tan color and a robin eggs blue ones in it and in a couple different sizes!!!
the silk flowers where on sale--not sure where I will use these--but????
Found the gold and the teal fabric I needed for the black and white bom I am in--
and I got myself a nice pair of scissors for cutting out applique patterns--the were $15--but I had a 40% off coupon and today was another 10% off everything--so decided it was as good a day as any for buying them!!!

Oh and yes-we did go to Petsmart for miss gracies food--
that was the main reason for going out of town shopping!!!!!

I am really really tired tonight--
so for me -- it's to my favorite chair--
got that magazine to read!!!!

                             and that Miss Gracie!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a very productive day. A magazine and a break are in order! Enjoy your evening sweets! Glad Gracie is doing better. Poor little one.
    xx, shell

  2. I'm so glad Gracie is feeling better. :) Put your feet up and enjoy your magazine. Such pretty blues!! Love the new threads.

  3. Di, so glad you could get out shopping knowing that Miss Gracie is doing better. Next time HIDE the chocolate! lol

  4. I love going through your day with you. (Much better than what I was really doing - work) I love the coasters and the blue fabrics!!

  5. Looks like you had a great day shopping, love the little collection of blue fabric!!! You always seem to find amazing bits n' pieces!!!


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