Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It was a normal Tuesday mainly for me--
my quilt friend -- Anne came for the morning and we quilted and chatted--
then lil sister dropped by and we all decided to go out to lunch today--
Anne went and got her Mom and the four of us went to Curly's Restaurant and had a nice lunch!!!
That was the 'old' part of the day--

then this afternoon some teens came from the high school to 'try' to teach us "young" people something new--
so I went --
bowling today!!!
Now I have been bowling before--
The last time I was at a bowling alley was back in 1972-73!!!
My husband and I were going on a regular basis!!
and I was the "gutter ball queen" and my average score was tops 66!!!
His was around 120!!!
then one time we went and I got the 120 and he got the 66--
and guess what--
we never ever went again!!!! 
So this little old lady decided to build up some bowling muscles--
Ah well--maybe just some bowling 'nerves'!!!!
and went up front and ---
used this--
and did some bowling--
and I even did a couple of these--
I am not sure who was more shocked--
me or the game!!!!!
It was the first time I have seen the Wii up close or even used one--
we now have the games down in the community room--
so who says you can't teach old ladies new tricks???????
Hey--maybe I will get good enough to win the next bowling championship??????


  1. Congrats to you, Di! I'm glad you are "beating the pants off" those young whippersnappers! lol The Wii is supposed to be excellent exercise.

  2. How fun! And congratulations on those strikes! I love bowling with my granddaughter on the Wii. Of course,she always wipes me out. But it is lots of fun! I expect to hear great things (scores) from you in the not too distant future! Nola

  3. That sounds like so much fun!! I wanta play too. How cool the teens came and taught you "old folks" something. I bet it made them feel proud of themselves.

  4. Bowling on the Wii is a lot of fun! It's more fun than playing the real game sometimes! It can get especially cutthroat with a lot of people!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun day!

  6. Good for you Di! Sounds like so much fun!
    xx, shell

  7. We LOVE bowling on the wii!!! It makes for a fun family night!! We got hooked when we were with Alice and family :) Oh, they are good bowlers, in real life and on the wii!!!


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