Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I finally got in some time to work on some projects---
but first--
I did get another block done on the 'Gardner's Journal' quilt!!
I love this block--I think it looks alittle like me--
from the rear-end view!!!!!!!!!!!lol

After a day spent shopping--
I am usually in some pain and very tired--
so I did not "stress" myself by sitting alot of goals--
as the body felt like doing something we did it--
if not we stitched--
and I got 2 whole blocks stitched for the SAL---
for 'Tis the Season'--
I just wished there was alittle more red in the strands of thread--
but "oh well"--
I am using a new thread to me--
Threadworx--100% cotton--overdyed floss--
and I have decided to do them all in this I had to go shopping again today!!!
but didn't have to leave home to do it--
I ordered this thread--(and for some reason--some other colors are coming with it!!)
at they have all kinds of threads and things--so be sure to check them out--and they where very "timely" with my first order--so----!!!!

I won't bore you with the little details of the "other" work I did!!!
You know like cleaning out kitty litter box--washing dishes--taking out the garbage--cleaning off the table--ok!!!!

Here is Miss Gracie--she is getting ready to count all my sewing projects!!!!
Not really she is getting ready to settle down in my chair--
to keep it warm for me while I am on the computer---
well---I really think she sleeps here while I am on the computer so she can keep an "eye" on me--she is afraid I might do something with out here knowing it!!!

Well--I need to go find a jelly roll--
a fabric kind --gals---I think I have decided which fabrics I want for the gardners blocks--only I am having problems finding it to buy it--yet I know I have seen it on line--oh where == oh where have you gone my fabric!!!!

PS it is still really cold here--but I know--I know that spring is coming--someday--somewhere!!!!


  1. hey I see a GJ block stitched.........super.....

    love the red and green thread on the Tis The Season blocks..........very nice.........

  2. Di your stitcheries are so darling. You chose such nice thread. And I love seeing pictures of Miss Gracie. She's such a cutie! What's the name of the fabric line you're looking for? Can your blogging buddies help? xo Jen

  3. Your little embroideries are really lovely, especially the old woman gardening! that has to be the cutest I have seen!! I know, cats love to keep our seats warm for us, and sometimes keep us off them as well LOL!

  4. It's really cold here too! I love the garden block (rear view and all)! Have fun today with whatever you sew. Does Grace sit on your lap while you hand stitch? My dogs do, and I love it. Keeps me warm!

  5. It's in the mid 60's today!!! I can't wait for spring! lol!


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