Saturday, March 26, 2011


Had another sewing machine day--
Now I think we talked about this 'pile'--
and what to do with them--
Oh what do I do with them--
came up with about 3 plans of attack--
then last evening before bed I was looking at a sales catalog--
and I seen a picture of a baby quilt that I decided would be a plan for these--
So with out further--to do!!!!---
here is my 'take' on it--
remember the 'fairly' fabric that just popped into my 'cart' on one of my on-line shopping sprees--
Well that is the fabric that I used in this one--
those little fairies have the same bright colors that are in the blocks--
a perfect match--who would of known???????
Now I just have to decide 'what' I want to do with this quilt--
like do I keep it--or give it away --or what?????
PS--the colors are growing on me--but don't tell anyone!!!!!

It was really cold here again today--but the sun was out--temp only in 20's!!!
Please remind me of this this summer when I complain about the heat!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week end doing what ever it is you all do!!!!

Hey folks--this pup just told me that this is the "Year of the Rabbit"---
does that mean that I get extra grass and treats this year??????


  1. I'm sure your cute quilt will make a little person very happy!!!

  2. Your fairie fabric is adorable and brings it all together sew nicely!!

  3. You have been busy with all those pinwheels,great colors,good match to the fairies.
    Will be a lovely quilt:-)


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