Thursday, April 28, 2011

I AM OK----

We did have a tornado warning last night--
and alot of us here on the 2nd floor did go downstairs--
forabout an hour--but the worse of it went around us!!!

But boy does my heart go out to those in the midstates--
who did lose everything and even that so many lives where lost!!!
my prayers and thoughts and good wishes go out to all of those that have lost homes, business's, and loved ones!!!
And I also worry about the four legged ones--
And some sad news here--
news that I knew was coming--
but you know how you just keep hoping that they will change their minds!!??
but she didn't--
Lil sister is moving back to SC!!!

So to cheer us up a bit--
here is a couple pictures of my garden--
and a close-up--
I love tulips--

and here is a peak at that quilt--

I did get it all basted today--one more down!!!
and I have started the Tis the season blocks for May--
one is done--the other one is started!!!!

Well--thats all for tonight folks--
Pray all of you are safe as well as your loved ones!

Hugs, from a sad "Di" and a sad "miss gracie"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I can't believe it--
but I got another full work day in--
In the sewing room--
and 'no' traumatic' events--either!!!!
Last evening I did the binding done on this quilt---
so another ufo gets off the 'to do' list---yes!!!!!

and I got this one all basted--
so this is off the table--
but now this one is on the table--

oppps----that is one that I have only showed you parts of and I can't find a picture of it in my file right now--sorry--all I can say --is---it's on the table!!!!!

Now today after a trip to Walmart for a couple groceries--
I worked on quilt backings--
got the backing ready for one of my "pink and green" quilts--
and then I did the backing to this one--
Now both of these pink and green quilts are about 65 x 54-65"--
so you either have to buy the large backings or you have to piece--
discovered that with the large backings it would cost me about $25 each--
did not like that--and there is alot of fabric there in my drawers--
so I pieced--that first one--is only 2 different pieces--
the backing for this one--
well--that 'Di'  just might of gotten carried away--
here it is--
Yep--wild and loud----
I figured I can only use just soooo many quilts--so I needed to double them up--
I would put one on front and one on the back--I will now have a reversible quilt--
so which side to you go by for the quilting????
I will still go with the pink and green side!!!!

I have one more larger quilt--but not as large as the two pink and green ones that I want to get a backing pieced for--then get these three hand basted and I will be one happy camper!!!!

Only--it will be a challenge--
as the month of May is filling up fast with all kinds of appointments--
I guess I can not complain--
I have  had a slow winter---
so watch out world Di will be out and about in May!!!!!!!!!
PS--they have us under 'bad storm warnings and tornado's"--
we don't get tornado's--so this is scary tonight!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am between storms here tonight--
But I did get some work done --
and wanted to share the pictures with you--
Here is this months Cabin bom---more trees!!!!

the 'm's' got done a couple days ago--and today I was able to get them stitched in place--so the first row is almost done!!

and here is the next block for the black and white--bom--
the block is square--I just took a crooked picture!!!!

this little quilt got hand basted last week --
I just got around to taking it's picture today--

I got the 2 borders sewed onto this one--
this is from a class a couple years ago--
and I have the batting and backing under it-
it is ready for hand basting--along with two others now!!!!

Here's a close up of the center!!!

I was able to be at home today--was some 'smelly' but did ok--
tomorrow may be a different story!!!!
It was also my Anne's day today--we both quilted for awhile and visited--
she did leave early as it was bright and sunny here and she wanted to get some laundry out on the line---
After she left---I went straight to the sewing room--
this morning --about mid morning--it was break time for those men in 'white'--
Here is some of them--the crew is much larger---
the first thing they did today was put a big hole in the ceiling out by our stairs!!!!
Our ceilings don't have much on top of them--!!!!

Later after lunch a crew of three came into my apartment to work on all the switch and plug plates--
and in moving the cupboard here by the computer --
this is what we discovered--
Miss Gracies stash----
cause her stash is alittle sweeter than mine by the looks--
we all got a good laugh out of it---

Later I was on the computer as it was  clouding over really bad and they had forecast bad storms--
when our fire alarm went off--
and now we all have to leave the building---
so out we all went---
it was this 'crew' having done something in the attic or on the roof!!!!

So--there was really never a dull or quiet moment around here till about 5 pm--
as we did a big storm as we were all coming back into the building!!!!

So this is my story for today--
Oh many of you asked if Miss gracie and I could go somewheres--
unfortunately--it is the end of the month and like--
the money ran out for the month days ago!!!!
and it is very hard to go someplace and have it safer--
you do not know till you get there---crazy illness--anyways!!!!
Now if they had waited till mid month of May--
I could have come and seen alot of you!!!!
Aren't you glad it was this month???????

I am outta here for tonight--
take care---
Hugs, and smiles--Di and one poor confused--
Miss Gracie

Monday, April 25, 2011


Di is having a 'tiny' little problem here--
and it is really 'effecting' her health--
so if I am not on alot this week--
forgive me and still know that I am thinking about each and everyone of you!

so what's IS going on there--Di???
Well for one thing--I thought the Japanese had landed this morning!!!
there where men in all white jumpsuits and air masks up and down our hall ways!!!
You see we are getting -- once again--some more "updating" done on the building--
and it does involve some 'smelling' chemicals and equipment---
and if you have kept up with me for a while--
you know that 'my' body does not get along with 'chemical smells'--
so therefore I am ill---
a girl friend did come and get me today and I went to her workshop and did hand work--and was some better--but once back here--welllllll--------

I am working on quilt projects--
so one of these days I will have some photo's to share!!!
And we are getting lots of signs of spring and alittle warmer weather--
but rain!!!  Oh well---the flowers need it right????

Here is two store windows from over town that  I took over the weekend--

This is one of the windows for the Country shop you hear me and lil sister going too!!
a Window that the antique shop up on the hill has done in a window on main street!!!

Well--you all be good now--
and stay out of the 'kiddies' chocolate!!!!
Hugs, from Di and that Miss Gracie

Friday, April 22, 2011


TO: All of Di's and Miss Gracie's 'fans'---

Ahhh---I don't think sooooo!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


is going on with the weather this year!!!
one minute they say one thing and the next it is a totally different forecast!!!
How is one suppose to 'plan' anything!!!?????
Oh--Well---some of us--just get to sit at home and quilt--so I guess it really doesn't matter--but let it be known that she is still praying hard for all of the rest of you out there in the path of these crazy weather systems!!

I did get this quilt all basted--
and someone told me that the local quilt shop had hung doors on one of the walls in her shop--so in my walk today--I took a tour inside --
and sure enough one long wall is all old doors--and hanging up on one is some of the Gardner's Journal pieces I did for the shop--
See I told you Chookyblue--that I had really done nearly all the blocks at one time!!!
and she also had this one hung up--
this is a Bareroots  pattern that I did for her!!!

I also seen this in a shop window--

and I couldn't help but think she looks alot like me!!!!!!!!!
and then around the corner I found another 'me'--
this is how I look on my return from my walk--all lope sided and my tongue hanging out!!!!!!

Got some of the smaller quilts ready for basting today--
so I am rolling right along here!!!

Here is todays walk picture--
Be good and stay out of the kids or grandkids chocolate rabbits!!!!


Monday, April 18, 2011


Pretty red cardinal at our feeder--
flowers in one of the small gardens--
Just think this one came out "neat"!!!
and this one--is the same flower!!!

and some lambs ears--have some in two small gardens--
and I have no idea when or how they took off==
but they sure did--there are huge areas in both gardens this spring!!!!

today was a work day--
did alittle more hand quilting on a small quilt--
traced off 3 blocks for bom's for April to embroider--
and did some batting cuts for 7 quilts--some good sized ones and some are small ones--
and have one half basted so far--this is my goal this week--to get them all hand basted--we will see!!!

don't forget to buy your eggs this week for coloring--
and here is a little one who wants to help you???????

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