Friday, April 15, 2011


OK--I did it!!!
First finish is the top to the Gardner's Journal--
this was a 3-4 year project in the making--
and thanks to Chookyblue--It is now at this stage!!!!
And I just love it--the colors are really great in real life--
I did add the little saying at the top of the house--
I did get it from the book and I believe it is the title for the house block!!!
some blocks are missing--but most all the blocks I have actually stitched--
some 3 years ago for my local quilt shop--that's when I fell in love with the book and got my own copy and started my own set of blocks!!!!

And this is a UFO finish--totally finished--
The Christmas package quilt---this top was made 2 Christmas ago and the pattern boughten at least one or two Christmas's before that!!!!
It is hard to see here---but those are small yo-yo's for the centers of the bows on the packages--and this was a paper pieced quilt!!!

Now for "my" surprise!!!
On my walk tonight I seen a kitten eating on this lady's porch--
so I took a picture of it--
when I down loaded this picture--
I was sooo surprised and thankful to God---
you see I know this kitten--she is Miss Gracie's sister that got away from us last fall--
remember that story---I have worried and prayed for her often--she actually came back home--as the garage where she came from is just two house up the street--yet she found her way home from 7-8 blocks away and crossed a busy main street--
Her name is Mindy--and if you can see it or not--she has an orange strip down her nose--but look above that strip and right in the center of her head--between her ears is an orange dot--!!!!!   she looks good and healthy here--and probably going to be a mommy one day soon!!!!
I just can't believe I found her after all these months!!!!

Tonight My walk was an animal picture taking walk--
here's a couple more--
I really like how this picture came out--
and a robin--do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a robin--
they are fast moving and flying things!!!!

Oh my Miss Gracie won't leave me alone tonight-
so must go for now--
Have a great week end--
Hugs, Di and that miss gracie


  1. How wonderful you spotted Mindy! So does she belong to someone now or are you going to get her to bring home to join Miss Gracie?

    Congrats on finishing your projects! I love your Gardeners Journal quilt. Absolutely LOVELY! Thank you for sharing your work.

  2. Hi Di, you & Miss Gracie must be so happy to find Miss Mindy. I guess she has a new family now that love her very much but hope you can visit with her especially if Miss Gracie is to become an Aunty. Great photos. The colours in your GJ quilt are wonderful! The yellow & pink bag I won in your giveaway now officially hold my completed hexie flowers - purrfect! Tracee xx

  3. Your two quilts look gorgeous - I agree, I really like the colours of your GJ quilt. How wonderful to discover that Mindy is alive and well; it looks like you had a great walk.

  4. Oh wow, lots of exciting news in one post!!! So glad you found Gracie's sister! And I remember the Chrissie presents, well done for finishing! Love the gardeners journal too!

  5. Oh yes your GJ looks great as does your other finish Well Done.
    How good to find your missing kitten well.

  6. Great photos! And Nice to find out Mindy is alive and well.
    love the Christmas quilt. Congrats on both finishes.

  7. GREAT!!! You have really been busy.
    LOVE your GJ,love the way you have
    put a title"no place like home", very talented!
    LOVE the Christmas quilt,very soon X-mas is just around the corner!
    Well, after spring-summer-autumn, that is :D)))

  8. Oh Diann it is wonderful that your getting your own copy of A Gardener's Journal......

  9. Your GJ is just lovely, congratultions on the finish, you must be well pleased!! Your little Christmas quilt is very sweet! How good to find Gracie's sister, I hope she is well cared for!


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