Monday, April 25, 2011


Di is having a 'tiny' little problem here--
and it is really 'effecting' her health--
so if I am not on alot this week--
forgive me and still know that I am thinking about each and everyone of you!

so what's IS going on there--Di???
Well for one thing--I thought the Japanese had landed this morning!!!
there where men in all white jumpsuits and air masks up and down our hall ways!!!
You see we are getting -- once again--some more "updating" done on the building--
and it does involve some 'smelling' chemicals and equipment---
and if you have kept up with me for a while--
you know that 'my' body does not get along with 'chemical smells'--
so therefore I am ill---
a girl friend did come and get me today and I went to her workshop and did hand work--and was some better--but once back here--welllllll--------

I am working on quilt projects--
so one of these days I will have some photo's to share!!!
And we are getting lots of signs of spring and alittle warmer weather--
but rain!!!  Oh well---the flowers need it right????

Here is two store windows from over town that  I took over the weekend--

This is one of the windows for the Country shop you hear me and lil sister going too!!
a Window that the antique shop up on the hill has done in a window on main street!!!

Well--you all be good now--
and stay out of the 'kiddies' chocolate!!!!
Hugs, from Di and that Miss Gracie


  1. Tell those smelly men to leave you alone! I like your picture with the bicycle in the window. Hope you feel better soon. Meow!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! It would be nice to have some warning of chemical happenings around your place....and perhaps they could put you up somewhere else while they are working....!

  3. Hope those chemicals settle down soon, I hate the smell of them myself, and sometimes get a headache! I hope you are feeling better soon!! Your weather is looking good! want some free rain? we have plenty to spare here, sure could do with some of your sunshine!!!

  4. Hi Di...
    Yes, you should definitely stay away from "chemical" smells. I get asthma when confronted with those nasty odors.... Good thing you've friends you can visit while they work. Hope there is no aftermath.... residuals lingering in the atmosphere of your home.


  5. Take care Di, I hope the chemicals go away soon and you're feeling better.

  6. They've been doing so much wok on your building. Hopefully they will finish soon so you can start to feel better.

    When we lived in Upstate NY the one thing I loved was the store front windows. I enjoyed seeing all the different displays the stores had in the windows. I think it would be fun to be a store owner and be able to change out the displays for the holidays or seasons.

  7. Oh hope they leave you in peace and fresh air soon! Hang in there!!!

  8. Hope you will feel better soon - can you take miss Gracie and evacuate for a few days? Those chemicals are a real nuisance. Nice pics. Hugs!

  9. I love those bunnies in the window! How cute! Hang in there with all that work. I know those smells make you sick.
    xx, shell


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