Saturday, April 16, 2011


For some of you missed the story of the kittens--
so here it is in review!!
this is my Miss Gracie--
she along with one brother--Morris--
( whom was adopted by lil sister)
and 3 sisters and her mother--
lived on the next street from here in an junky old garage and were abandoned--
lil sister and another resident here seen the kittens running around in the yard over there and went to check them out--me I am--well -- was looking for a small dog to adopt--so I stayed out of it--or tried too!!!
but to make along story short--I did get involved after a couple months and began making friends with the kittens--we were able to get the momma kitty out and to the clinic and she was fixed and cleaned up--
lil sister was able to get Morris out fairly early too--
so that left--Ace, Mindy, Mimi, and Gracie--
finally I said I would adopt Gracie as we had to do something with them all--
got Gracie out and to the Vets and here to her new home--
then one day we went in and was able to get Ace out and he went to a SPCA members home and she did find himher a new home--Ace is all black with a white bib!!

Oh dear--would you believe I just remember that her name is not Mindy---
it is Emma--(lil sister said Mindy--!!! and I had forgotten in the discovery!!!)
so back in the Fall we were trying to move Mimi and Emma to a new location in a new cage on this ladies porch for a couple days before they were to have their surgeries and in the process of putting them into the cage our dear Emma got loose!!!
and here she is!!! somehow she did come back to where she started!!!
Does she have a new home--
I don't really think so--
this elderly lady here just feeds lots of strays--
there was 3 bowls of food on the porch--
I am now thinking that Emma may in fact still be living in the garage again!!!

I thought I would be happy to know that she is safe and well--
but tonight I am finding that I am just as worried-
is she pregnant--do we trap her and get her fixed and her shots--
but if she is pregnant the SPCA will abort the babies and I just don't feel right about that --never have--even knowing how many unwanted kittens are out there in the world--and I really really don't want her to have her babies in that 'garage'!!!!!
Can I keep another one???
Not here--no way--we are only allowed one pet--period!!!

This is Mimi-see how she also has the golden streak up her nose--only hers joins the dot at the top--where as Emma's doesn't!!!
and this is their mother--Maddie
they did not take a very good picture of my Maddie!!!
Maddie was very small and very thin when we put her in the cage--
both Maddie and Mimi are still in the Spca adoption center!!!
Miss Gracie looks alot like her mom==doesn't she????

Hugs, that Di and that Miss Gracie


  1. I thought it was Emma that got away, glad my memory is ok then LOL!! I have often wondered about her and what became of her. It would be good to try and get her and get her vet checked and rehoused. I thought the picture was very forlorn looking, how sad really, poor little thing, she deserves better than that!!! I hope you are successful!!!

  2. Oh that is all very sad but we can only do what we can & spoil the ones we can take - lucky Miss Gracie. I hope Miss Emma finds a home for her & the babies if she is about to be a momma. Tracee xx

  3. Is it possible to find out if she has been taken in by the house owner? The photo made me wonder if she is cared for. If not, she might still need help? I know you can' t look after them all, but I don't think you will be happy until you know she is ok.


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