Monday, April 4, 2011


So what did you sew/stitch/quilt today????

I have been busy with needle and thread--
even on my not sooo good days--
got the next to of Tis the Season blocks stitched--
now to sew the borders on them!!!

and I got all the---
blocks stitched from the Gardner's Journal book done--
Which means that all the blocks that I traced off--
long==long ago are now all stitched--
so now you know "what" that means--don't you????

While waiting for the bus this morning downstairs in our community room--
I was watching the birds at the feeder one of the other residents keeps on the tree and I watched a couple real pretty Finch's eating the big seed--so when I got to Walmart I went straight to the garden center and bought a finch feeder  and the thistle seed and when I got back here I gave it to the housekeeping crew and they filled it and hung it for me--

-later in the afternoon I went down to check on it and there was 4 of them feeding--and I could tell that they had big smiles on their faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today there where 2 firsts for the season--
one I woke to the birds actually singing--
oh how I have missed that sound---

and I heard my first thunder for the season--
I also like to hear that sound--
we live in a valley and often you can hear it echo right down the valley!!!!

Ok now for alittle fun--
If you see this funny little gal--
on my post again--be sure to say--Ms. Bunny was spotted!!!
you never know what could become of that comment!!!!!!


  1. How nice to know that your bird offerings have been appreciated!!! BTW Miss Bunny was spotted!! (sounds intriguing!!)

  2. That variegated thread is blissful Di! Tracee xx

  3. Your blocks look great!

    I love watching birds at the feeders but I have to rely on other people's feeders. I know that I don't have the discipline to keep the feeder fed in the long run and that's just not fair to the birds.

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  5. wow the news on the GJ is very exciting..........looking forward to seeing the blocks come together.........

  6. You have been doing some pretty stitching.
    You have gorgeous wee birds in US. I love to see them on your blogs.
    OH what are we doing by spotting spotting "Miss Bunny" LOL

  7. How nice for the birds, Di. They are pretty and funny to watch.

    Thanks for the heads-up on Ms. Bunny.

  8. Looooooooove all those stitcheries!! Love Ms. Bunny too!
    xx, shell


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