Wednesday, April 20, 2011


is going on with the weather this year!!!
one minute they say one thing and the next it is a totally different forecast!!!
How is one suppose to 'plan' anything!!!?????
Oh--Well---some of us--just get to sit at home and quilt--so I guess it really doesn't matter--but let it be known that she is still praying hard for all of the rest of you out there in the path of these crazy weather systems!!

I did get this quilt all basted--
and someone told me that the local quilt shop had hung doors on one of the walls in her shop--so in my walk today--I took a tour inside --
and sure enough one long wall is all old doors--and hanging up on one is some of the Gardner's Journal pieces I did for the shop--
See I told you Chookyblue--that I had really done nearly all the blocks at one time!!!
and she also had this one hung up--
this is a Bareroots  pattern that I did for her!!!

I also seen this in a shop window--

and I couldn't help but think she looks alot like me!!!!!!!!!
and then around the corner I found another 'me'--
this is how I look on my return from my walk--all lope sided and my tongue hanging out!!!!!!

Got some of the smaller quilts ready for basting today--
so I am rolling right along here!!!

Here is todays walk picture--
Be good and stay out of the kids or grandkids chocolate rabbits!!!!



  1. How nice to have your dear little blocks featured in the quilt shop!!! They are really lovely!!! nice decorating idea, the doors....different!?
    Looks like you are motoring along with that quiltLOL!! If the weather stays inclement you should have it finished in no time!
    Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Easter!

  2. That's so great to have your quilt blocks displayed in a shop. You are doing well getting your projects closer to completion. Hugs

  3. What pretty pictures!

    I confess, I've already been in the stash - the Easter chocolate stash that is...BIG WICKED GIGGLE!!!!

  4. oh I spy GJ...........looks good.........


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