Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Actually I think the whole day today was kinda 'dorky'--
ever have one of them????
As it was--
It was my Anne's day to come--
she did come--but did not bring any quilting--
she was feeling a little under the weather--
so we just chatted a while and I did get one more block quilted on the Christmas quilt!!!

After she left--
I did a couple things and then played with Miss Gracie--
I wanted to her to model her "bow"--
Take 1---
Take 2---

Take 3---
Oh well--she is too fast for me--
she really did look cute with it on her head!!!!!

I was invited to go to a Red Hat luncheon today --
and it was at the Hotel in our back yard there--
Well--I really do not have any dress-up clothes any more--
and that was one of the reason's why I resigned as "Queen Mother" a couple years ago--

I always felt I looked like a "dork" (as Shell would say from the Raspberry Rabbit blog site)--I could not afford the pretty clothes that everyone else in the club wore--and you can not find pretty clothes in red and purple in just cotton, and that is mainly all I can wear--soooooo!!!
But I took out one of my more dressy demin jumpers today and took off--
I went in the 'back' door--one closest to our parking lot--and I seen the room where the  luncheon was being held--and there was all these ladies dressed up in red and purple and with big red hats on--I did not even have a hat--!!!!

Now listen to this---
I hid behind a small wall and I looked down that hallway and there was the line--
more pretty red hats and outfits--
I stood there for a minute or two and then I ----smelled it----
lots and lots of 'perfume' and I just knew that there was no way that I could stay---
so 'chicken' that I am---dorky me slipped back out the back door and came home.

The rest of the day was kinda quite--Miss Gracie and I took a nap--
then we sat and watched some birds out the window from the apartment--
and I did alittle more embroidery on a ufo--bom--from 2010!!!!

Have you ever felt like you were a "dork" in a room full of people--
and why?????


  1. Pick me! I'm always a dork. I can do and say the stupidest things. I've heard good things about Red Hatters, and I'm sorry you weren't able to go. But you cant get sick!

  2. {{{{Di}}}}} Many times I have felt just like you. I'm an odd duck sometimes and people don't understand my thinking. I'm sorry you missed out on the red hatter gathering, but I can certainly sympathize with the "stink". I can't stand it when people wear such strong perfume!

  3. It's nice to know I have such good company Di. :) I love my dorky friends and stitching and quilting with them in our blue jeans is just as fun as a fancy dress up lunch. No hats required. ;)
    xx, shell

  4. *Big Hug*

    You're not a dork in my book. I think you are pretty cool actually. And a great friend, even though we have never "met"

  5. Dearest Di, those ladies would have LOVED you with or without red and purple! Your personallity is all you need. And a closepin for your nose - perfume is NOT fun when it gives you a headache or makes you sick.

  6. I have been a dork many times. I also turn beet red when I do something dorky. That makes me stand out even more.

    I have peeked in on parties to see what it was like and then ducked right back out before.

    Better that you left than to have to deal with a monster headache.


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