Monday, May 16, 2011


well-maybe somewhat!!!
once I refind the apartment!!!
Lots of things have changed around here-
different furniture--some new toys--
so all will be keeping me busy!!!

Today though I got to go to a quilt demo with Eleanor Burns, sister, Pat--
It was held in the basement of one of the local churches--
and this "ole" gal did learn some new tricks--
and we had a good time!!!
Here is some more pictures--
Ohhh-are these my colors or what!!!!!
Really liked this one too!!!
this one is really neat--
this little one is from Eleanor's Barn book that she did last year!!
Eleanor has several patterns out now too--this tree is one of them!!!
Of course the new book had to come home with me--
and the other one has a neat ruler in the back of it--
just never know when I might need that!!!!
Here is another one of her patterns--
I love that turkey table runner--
and two more rulers!!!!

Came home and had some mail--
Can you believe how small these scissors are????
the lamb is a magnetic needle holder!!!
a little bag of different charms--tiny!!!

this delightful pattern!!!

It was rainy here again today for the most part--
the 'kid' headed back to Fl this morning--
she said that by tomorrow she should be in dry and sunny states!!!

Well--hope everyone is having fun--
PS  miss gracie--have you been playing in the mud again????
some how some muddy paw prints are on the computer!!!!!
( not sure how she did that as she is an inside cat--but you know how these cats can be??)


  1. Glad you had fun with your daughter!
    Lovely quilts - I really like the black with stars. I quite understand the need for more books and rulers ......
    Have a nice day! Cuddles for miss Gracie.

  2. How nice to go to the Quilt Demo! always very inspiring!!! will expect to see great things from you then?!!! I also love the tiny pair of scissors, they are so cute!
    I hope your daughter had a wonderful visit with you, I expect you will miss her, at least Miss Gracie is there to keep you company, but probably not much help if you have a computer problem!!!

  3. Oh my, those quilts are LOVELY! I particularly like that purple star one. Mmm! Nice mail items too!

    Glad Miss Gracie is there to keep you company now.

  4. hahaha, Miss Gracie got busted looking at quilts on the computer! Too funny. Thanks for sharing all these great quilts, I bet that was a fabulous show. I love that quilt with the blue stars.


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