Wednesday, May 4, 2011


First it's your turn to do some---
Friday is a special day!!!
Can you tell me what it is???????
(and yes there is a give away for this contest!!!)

Was another busy day away from home again today---
First I went to our local pizza hut to have lunch with my 'old' Red Hat group--
had a good meal and good company!!

Then my girl friend and I drove to about 30 miles away to a great quilt shop--
and I did it again--
spent money---Oh don't you just love the sound of that word---


Today was a 'wool' day--
and here is my stash--
This shop has the real wool stuff---
I just love to work with this fabric--
Here is a new pattern that I had not seen before--
the Bareroots one--
look at those cute quilt blocks?????

and I have looked at these kits forever---
these are complete kits--so they could be a take along--if I needed!!!!

Oh as for the Chocolate--I got me some of that on Monday morning after my eye appointment--and there is still some left--and on tomorrows list is actual grocery shopping and of course there will be some more added to the cart!!!!!
(much more)---


  1. I'm glad you got some "first aid" chocolate in the house, Di! That's a must!

    Glad you got out to the Red Hatter luncheon. I love Pizza Hut. Good shopping too!

    Now as to what Friday is...your birthday?

  2. Glad to hear you are getting out of your building for a bit each day. Hopefully that will help you make it through more of the remodeling.

    I know! I know! It's someone's birthday. I believe you are turning the big 40 right? :)

  3. Oh, so bad of you to post all that chocolate (and it was winking at me all the time while I was reading!) Sweetie and I are avoiding things like that right now and I could just taste it melting in my mouth! Hope you enjoy it! Are you celebrating a birthday? If so, hope you have a great time.

  4. Chocolate will cure anything! Are you having a birthday this week? I don't think it's time yet for Miss Gracie to have a birthday. hmmm...

  5. OOH OOH--I know this one. It is your birthday.
    What a nice bunch of early gifts you have found.
    Have fun!

  6. I want to come shopping with you! Those cat kits (no, not the kitkats) look so cute. Is it your birthday? Well, have a fun day! Hugs,

  7. What a fabulous girls' day out! I'm only sorry I couldn't have come along, especially when you were buying all the wool fabric LOL!!! I haven't worked with wool at all! your patterns, like the candle mat, has stired my interest!!! We are facing winter down here in a couple of months ummm.... Also like the little 'cat tails' project, very cute indeed! love it!!!

  8. Opps!! forgot to guess, (I got too carried away by those beautiful kits you bought!) Is it a ball? for someone's birthday?????

  9. Birthday or Marriage
    for Miss Gracie,I mean ?? Does she really need somebody else in her life? Another good companion?? lol
    Hurry up and tell us! Have a lovely Friday :-)

  10. Is tomorrow Cinco De Mayo? I know it is sometimes soon...just can't think of date. It has been awhile since I've visited you....I'd forgotten how much I enjoy all the clipart you toss in! HUGS!!

  11. Birthday...but I thought you were turning 39! lol!

  12. It is your Birthday, yay, yay, yay!!! Hope you and Gracie celebrate with style :)

  13. Hi Sweetie! Just came over to check in on you. I haven't been blog reading much. Just so busy working. I do hope you are doing okay with all that remolding stuff. I know those smells can last for weeks! I love the wool kits. Maybe someday I'll break down and do one as they are so cute.

  14. Fun shopping!!! I love wool too!
    xx, shell

  15. Chocolate cures everything!!
    Liking the wool.


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