Monday, May 2, 2011

I am still 'chuckling'---

I am still chuckling over your comments on what kind of 'bird' left the pink feather??
I thank you all for leaving those comments!!!

I am not sure just what is causing me to be so 'down in the mouth" these days--
I am not sure if it is lil sister's leaving once again!!!!
or all the chemicals they are using around here to improve the building--
I thought the worse of it was over--
only to learn today that they have not done the foam insulation--
they are working on it this week and they will be over me late tomorrow or on Wednesday---so that has me alittle 'scared'!!!  If I am feeling this bad now--
how will I be feeling by Thursday????

And talking about "pink'--
look at the two pictures I took today on the way to my eye appointment--
I just love these flowers!!!

Ohhhhh--- I did make it over to Walmart and I did come home with some much wanted and needed---chocolate--so maybe by tomorrow everything will be ok!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Chocolate will do the trick!!!

  2. It's probably a bit of all sorts, your 'lil sister moving, and the workmen doing their 'thing' in the building, the change of the season, any change is a little unsettling. I felt that way a year ago when my neighbours of 20 years downsized and moved away, we had become such close friends and were always here for one another, we'd look out for each other gardens, etc when one of us was away, all that commuunity friendship stuff, its a shift taking place in your life and is not always easy to digest, but we do move on, my new neighbours are friendly, and I don't see much of them, but they are not my old neigbours, just different!!! the seasons of change in our lives, we just have to go with......
    I hope you feel your old self again soon, just give Miss Gracie a big hug for now....she'll understand, they always do......

  3. I hope they get out of your way soon. You may be uncomfortable, but you have chocolate, so you will make it through!

  4. Sometimes you feel "off" for many reasons or no reasons at all. You have alot going on in your life right now and it takes its toll on your body and your mind/heart.


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