Sunday, May 8, 2011


a great Mother's Day????

Me and daughter and lil sister went out for lunch--nothing fancy--
I don't do fancy!!!!  we did go early and boy am I glad--cause about the time we were ready to leave--it filled up with a couple groups of people that were noisy and loud!!!
then we drove about 30 miles and went shopping at a Fashion Bug store--
Dawn found 4 nice new tops and I--ahhhh---I found 7!!!!  Dawn got a new purse and a necklace and scarf tooo--and I was shocked that the bill was soooo low for all that!!
we stopped for an icecream cone on way home--
and the sun was out all day today and it got to nearly 60 degrees today!!!

Now for some catching up--
I did have a 'yarn' day--
Project 1--I will be doing in class--
Love this shade of pink--

Project 2 is just one I found --
and thought it would be fun to do--
Project 3--
they had me look at a shawl that was on the back table drying--
and it was "love" at first sight--
even decided on the same color of yarn!!!

then yesterday my girl friend Denise took me to a sale at a large quilt shop about an hour drive from here--
And I decided this fabric would make some neat bags to hold my knitting projects!!!

and then there was--
I mean how cute are these---a lady was getting one of these cut when I entered the store---I could not decide between the black or the white--so I just got both of them!!!!

and as you know I have been doing the black and white bom--
and have used mirror black and whites---
look at these beauties!!!!!!  can't wait for the next block to come out!!!!

Things really really have been 'wild' around here for over a week now and with the "kid" in town--it just gets wilder!!!  and she wants to be a doin something all the time--
so if I am slow in doing posts--forgive me!!!!
But rest assured that I am thinking of all of you--when my 'poor' brain has a second!!!!
The 'kid'---


  1. Di, I'm so glad you've been having a fun weekend! What a sweet thing for your daughter to come up and surprise you. She is a pretty girl! I love all your fun fabrics, and the yarns are beautiful...I really respect you knitters! Pretty tulips too! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time with your dd. I'm so glad she was able to surprise you! Enjoy every minute of her visit.

  3. Wow, congrats on the LOVELY finds while out shopping. I'm glad you went to eat early too. We opted to eat here at home. My dd helped cook dinner for her dad and me. :-)

    Your daughter is a pretty girl! Enjoy her visit!

    Thanks for lovely tulip pic too. Spring is a beautiful time of the year!

  4. How lovely that your daughter is paying you a surprise visit! Enjoy, enjoy!!

  5. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day, and how lovely to have your daughter visiting! she'll keep you out'a trouble LOL!!!

  6. Glad you could spend Mother's Day with your daughter. She's beautiful.
    xx, shell

  7. That sounds like a really, really nice mother's day. Your daughter is very pretty. I like that picture of her.


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