Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I can not think of a better way to feel better--
than to go shopping--
more and more quilt books--
now we will not tell anyone that we already have a shelf full of these--
and lots of quilt magazines and that in each one is not one or two--
but several quilts and projects that we would love to make!!!!!

And 'me' finally got a picture taken of last Saturdays treasures--
got this old high chair for $15--was going to wash it up--
before I took a picture--but!!!!!
I got the bucket for $10--
I have black rimmed enamel pans in my bathroom and I thought--
that this would look cute in there with towels rolled up in it!!!
and if you look closely there is a white wood shelf under the chair--
not sure where that will go--but?????

and at the Country shop I picked up this--
OH Shell--don't be jealous now---
Rabbit--ain't she cute!!!!
think she is going to go over my curtains in the living room up on the wall--
will see!!!!

It has been real rainy and cold and damp here today--
and everytime I close up the windows --
I get a headache--but it is so chilly with them open--
and it feels 'silly' and 'sad' to have the window open and the heat on--
but--I guess one must do what one must do!!!!!
at least my heat is really cheap here!!!!!

Well--after half a day shopping it is always fun and nice to come to--
my Miss Gracie!!!!


  1. Good finds! I love the quilting books. I just stumbled across 3X the Charm today and decided I want it. Quilting books are my weakness too! what a fun day!

  2. I have that Quilt a Gift book! I just love looking at the pictures and dreaming. And I"m going to come steal the bunny. If I hurry, maybe I can get there before Shell?

  3. So when you got home with all your 'finds', did you have some chocolate too? Glad to see Miss Gracie was waiting for you so nicely!

  4. Oh..I hope you feel better after your shopping expedition! You did well!! and....always nice to come home to Miss Gracie who won't question your reason for buying..or let on to anyone that you already have loads of books/magazines....! Gotta love a pet!

  5. Great shopping trip for you! Love looking around any Q related shop, often forgetting what a stock at home:-) Lovely color on your miss Gracie ....

  6. Great selection Di. I've just ordered the Quilt a Gift book online, can't wait to get it. I've flicked through it a few times at a quilt shop & love her designs. One question Di - did you get the chocolate? Coming home to kitties is blissful! Tracee xx

  7. It is nice to come home to a purring friend, isn't it? LOVE your fabrics, they're so pretty! Cute country finds as well, and the books look great!

  8. Thanks for sharing your new books and purchases! A real interesting chair too!!!


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