Sunday, May 1, 2011


But this is not 'funny'---
Di is completely out of this--
and I mean completely out--
she has 'searched' every drawer, and cupboard just in case she had accidentally but one piece or bar in a different place--but--NO!!!
so now the question is whether she will or will not make it till tomorrow late morning with out any???
Guess I will have to find my "big girl panties"!!!!!!!

I can't thank you all enough for commenting about lil sister leaving--
it will be harder this time though--as we have lived in the same building for 2 years--
and we are known all over as " the sisters"---everywhere we go--as we walk in--they say--
here's the sisters!!!!
we have had alot of fun with that and do love to visit the same kinds of places--
but I guess life does move on whether we want it to or not!!!

I have been really busy and on the go the last couple-three days and have been too tired to post or  too achy!!!
but do have some adventures to share and some new items to show--
hopefully tomorrow--though this week is looking to be a busy one!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I collect bird feathers---all sizes and colors---
found this one the other night in the park--
but I just can't decide what kind of bird left this one???????


  1. Hi! Hope you made it without your chocolate fix:-) it's terrible when you feel like something good and the cupboard is bare!
    Oh, that feather is from the Rainbow bird - it's feathers keep changing colour and you can make a wish if you see it with all the rainbow colours at once.

  2. I think that feather may have come from the Boa Bird Di, one of those rarely seen vibrant types that only comes out at night & often for fancy dress parties or hens nights. Tracee xx

  3. I hope you survived the night without your "medicine" lol

    I like the thought of a rainbow bird :)

  4. Good to hear from you, Di...I must admit I was a bit worried after your last post.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your completed projects. You are such a hard worker! You have inspired me to work on my bookmark. :-D

  5. It's always hard to have someone close to you move away....


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