Saturday, May 21, 2011


There has been way too many things going on here!!!
I owe so many of you 'thank you' emails for still leaving me comments--
often cute and funny--or sweet and lovely comments--
I want to let you all know that you have all helped me through a very busy--
and somewhat 'stressful' time--
The next few days are going to be extra hard too--
there is just 3 days left for lil sister to be here without her husband--
and one of those days--Monday -- I will be gone all day--
so we have tomorrow and Tuesday--
so I will once still be busy and on the go---
so please hang in there with me--
I will be back to the same old me then--I hope!!!!

Knitting update--
I did get the 'zipper' problem fixed---
and did not have to start over--
I have about 8" done on it so far and have added the second color section!!!

Today I went to advanced sock class--
ended up being the only student--and that was nice--
and I learned 3 new stitches---!!!!

This afternoon was the beginning of the vest class--
only two of us showed up--
and we only worked on doing the cast on stitches--
after I got home--more of the old-new furniture came--
that was fun--the poor other residents don't know if I am coming or going????
cause as one piece of furniture came in the door another one usually went out!!!!
So now I have lots of work to do in organizing all these pieces with what goes into each one!!!!
After a nap--I got the vest project out--I kept feeling like I had a too large of a needle--
and guess what -- I did have---so off all those stitches came and I have restarted it once again!!!!

It was a beautiful sunny warm day here today--
that was the hard part of having to be inside all day---
Maybe it will be nice tomorrow and I can be outside in the sunshine????!!!!!

Well you all be good now--
and have a great rest of the week end--

Hugs, Di and my window dressing--Miss Gracie


  1. With all the running around you're doing, you STILL have time to learn knitting?! Wow! You are just unstoppable! I am proud of you, Di! Enjoy being with your sister before she leaves. We certainly understand!


  2. Wow, you are one busy girl! Did I even know that you knitted??? Hm, enjoy the weekend! I've been cleaning and trying to strighten up my sewing room... it's a disaster, maybe you should come help... you have been on a roll with that too! xxoo

  3. Nice how knitting can last and last, isn't it? You knit a bit - unravel - knit again .....
    huga :o)

  4. You sound like you have been a busy girl, furniture coming and going and knitting classes!! I find knitting a very relaxing pass-time, good luck with the vest!!!

  5. I've been wondering where you were and how things were going Di. Glad all is well, and you are just busy. Enjoying your last days with Sister.


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