Wednesday, May 18, 2011


or at least I tried to get some work done!!!!
This morning I was fairly productive!!!
Here is the new/old shelf units--
Step 1--clean off all shelves and the 'stuff' from in front of the shelves!

step 2--add a pretty wall paper border to top of each shelf-once the shelves are set up at right height!
Step 3--put dolls back on top like I had on the old single cabinet!

Step 4--
Well that is when my plan was taken over by others--
so Step 4 is still waiting --so  you all must wait to see what is next too????

remember me saying I had started knitting a sweater???
Nice looking hu????
Oh my--what is that???
That is where Di tried to fix one twisted stitch that was 4-5 rows down--
thinking it would be 'simple'!!!!
The 'simple' may mean taking it all out and starting all over again????
Will go to the Yarn shop tomorrow and get the verdict????

So now what is everyone else up to??
you all must be as busy as me as I do not see alot of post updates????
Hope all is well with everyone and that it just means that you are all out in the gardens--or doing something really fun!!!


  1. Hi Di! I was at mom's today for my weekly visit. Your shelves look great! I like that little border at the top of each shelf. Sorry about your sweater. Hope it is easily fixed!

  2. It has been so busy around here Di! But, we always think of you and Miss Gracie every day!
    xx, shell

  3. It's always nice to redecorate!! Been busy at work this week, but am itching to update my blog, only thing is I haven't much to share this week!!!

  4. Hello Di, Well I am sure you know where I have been!!! Today I am inside trying to catch up on neglected projects, houseeork, cooking and blogging!

    Looks as though you have been busy too. Love your shelves.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  5. The shelves are very nice - and I love the butterfly paper!! You did good Di!!!


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